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VNRE - Landing in 2005 in Ho Chi Minh City, Times Square (Vietnam) Investment Joint Stock (TSIJS) is the premier real estate developer from Hong Kong-China specializing in the sustainable development of mixed use commercial real estate projects including hotels, serviced apartments, oflices and shopping centers in Asia. Times Square is TSIJS’s latest project in Vietnam.

As anticipated at the second quarter of 2011, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), centre of economy of Vietnam, will welcome Times Square (TS), one of the highest buildings in HCMC at present. In its modem architecture of the new century with 39 floors, TS is positioned to offer an one stop exclusive experience of luxury lifestyle in HCMC comparable to the intemational standard in any world class gateway cities. With its height. TS is considered as a vertical city with multi-fimction: retail, business centre, apartments and hotel...

Located with two fmntages on Dong Khoi Street and Nguyen Hue Street, one of the busiest areas in HCMC, TS becomes the epitome of District 1. TS commands the maximum exposure and plays an important role in modernizing the commercial street liont of both streets. "Our unique strength starts with the strategic positioning of TS and making TS the landmark architecture icon in the heart of
Saigon that complements the lifestyle in HCMC," said Mr. Alfred Chu, General
Director of TSIJS.

In addition, TS is also the home of the first tier intemational fashion and lifestyle brands, the progressive intemational business and leisure travelers and disceming business entrepreneurs and corporations and lastly the upward mobile local people in Vietnam demanding superior products and personalized experiences.

TS is designed by intemational renowned architects with high emphasis on both its functionality and visual impact. The L shaped tower is designed to suit the site configuration as well as to maximize the south facing facade view towards the Saigon River. Different from other high rise building in Vietnam, a helipad has been designed for helicopter landing on the roof top of the tower. In addition, from inspiration of intemational renowned interior designers, the joumey from the ground level entrance to the hotel lobby, to the restaurants and up to the executive lounge on the 38th floor will be the non-stop discovery of "wow" inspiring sensory experience of modem design. Together with the unique architect. the building is also designed with the highest sustainable strategy in mind and the intelligence use of natwal greenery and water feature, TS will become an urban resort at the centre of the HCMC.

ln capitalizing TS' unique prime location in HCMC, TSIJS's fmancial strength and Vietnam's emerging real estate development, the owner of TSIJS is going to share his vision that TS has the ingredients of developing its luxury hotel and residence into a New Asia brand. Successful examples in Asia include the Regent in Hong Kong-China, the Banyan Tree in Phuket, Raffles in Singapore and Dusit Thanin in Bangkok.

"The creation or binh of a New Asia brand in HCMC will reflect that the economies we live in are competitive and open and this economic openness which Vietnam presented is one of the best indicators of her future prosperity," Mr.Alfred Chu added.

This vertical city will be the pride not only of TSIJS in particular but also of HCMC in general.

Reported by Thu Ha/ Vietnam Economic News

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