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VNRE - Following the success of Cantavil An Phu phase I project, with 390 high grade apartments that were already occupied, the company has gained lots of trusts from the customers and the satisfaction results from the residents who have chance to live in Cantavil. On 8th September 2009, Daewon – Thu Duc Housing Development Joint Stock Company formally celebrated the ground breaking ceremony for the complex project Cantavil An Phu phase 2, which is also called as CANTAVIL PREMIER.

During the ceremony, announced in front of the press and guests, Mr Le Chi Hieu, Chairman and General Director of ThuDuc Housing Development Corporation (ThuDuc House) stated that “Daewon – ThuDuc Housing Development Company, we are very confident in executing the Cantavil Premier (Cantavil An Phu phase II) project, based on the following factors: competence of investor, design and multi purpose of the project together with the belief from customers with respect to the Cantavil’s brand and especially the favourable location of the project…”

Some information about Daewon – ThuDuc Housing Development JS Company:

Was established with 2 main shareholders: Daewon Corporation (Korea) and ThuDuc Housing Development Corporation (ThuDuc House).

Daewon Corporation, one of the leading companies in investing building, with the depth of experience and professional team in construction field. During 40 years of operation, the Company has received many valuable awards from the Korean Government. Until now, Daewon has already executed a large number of projects in Hanoi, Danang and Hochiminh city namely Tay Ho Tay Newtown development project, Da Phuoc D-City, Cantavil An Phu, Cantavil Hoan Cau….Since then, CANTAVIL has become a standard brand that represents high grade apartment complex which is luxurious being attached with high rank reading.

ThuDuc House, was established in 1990, and after 20 years of operation, the Company has affirmed itself for the position and prestige in investing and trading in real estate. ThuDuc House has executed huge number of large scale and major projects such as: Agriculture wholesale market, gymnastic centre, residential area and apartments…, meanwhile executing other sizable housing projects namely: Hiep Phu high grade apartment project, TDH – Truong Tho project, TDH – Phuoc Binh project…

Complex project Cantavil - An Phu with the name Cantavil Premier to be executed based on the investment certificate number 41112000044 that was granted by HCMC People’s Committee dated 02/03/2009, the objectives and scale of the complex project Cantavil - An Phu include: commercial centre, offices for lease, high grade apartments for lease and sell, and public amenities together with comprehensive and completed infrastructure system and other related services.

Based on the approved master plan, the complex project Cantavil – An Phu in the future will form 2 tall blocks of 36 floor and 2 underground floor in the total land area of 11,170.3 m2 located in An Phu Ward, District 2, HCMC, with total investment capital of more than 47 million USD. With the modern style architect and artistic view, blend in harmoniously with unpolluted and fully furnished living environment: high grade apartments and offices for lease located on the top floor, below is for commercial area, play ground, cinema complex and other services…, this project will not only satisfy the need of life activities, shopping, entertainment for Cantavil’s residents, but also meet the demands from neighbouring residents.

Located in the East gate of the city, District 2 is assessed as an ideal destination for investors, after the infrastructure system connects to the district which will be completed in 2010. As a result of locating opposite district 1, Binh Thanh district and district 7, cross Saigon river, bordering district 9, harbour and high way, together with series of major sea traffic and road projects in the South being built here…therefore, project scheme houses in district 2 are known to be in an important location during the process of developing social economic of Hochiminh city.

Source: Thu Duc House

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