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Thach Ban Garden City, a mixed development over a land area of 31.69 ha / 78.32 acre with infrastructures and services cater for future development.

Located on the east of Hanoi City, under Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien District

The development site is bounded on the North and North-West by Cau Hamlet, Thach Ban Ward and by 3rd Ring Road, connecting Thanh Tri Bridge to National Road No. 5 and new National Road No. 1 on the South-East. South of the development site lies the agricultural irrigation canal system, Song Cau Gay, of Thach Ban Ward.

This development has a planned Gross Floor Area of 558,418 sqm and a total nett saleable area of approximately 273,158 sqm.

The Thach Ban Garden City is absolutely the city for the future with comprehensive facilities including retail areas, entertainment areas, sports center, schools and hospitals.


- 9km and 30 mins from Hoan Kiem Area/central Hanoi
- 5km from SAVICO Plaza, which will be the second largest retail area in Hanoi.
- Along Ring Road No. 3 connecting to Thanh Tri Bridge
- 3 main entrances to reach Thach Ban Garden City from Hanoi
1. Chuong Duong Bridge -> Nguyen Van Linh -> Ring Road No.3 -> TBGC
2. Vinh Tuy Bridge -> internal road of Sai Dong IP -> Ring Road No.3 -> TBGC
3. Thanh Tri Bridge -> TBCG


- Prestigious and experienced foreign developer
- First mover in the market with first international development quality in the East of Red River
- Basically comprehensive infrastructure
- High density in landscape and low density in construction
- Large-scaled and mixed-use development of adequate and convenient facilities
- Modern and comfortable township
Master Plan Vision

To ensure the promotion of sustainable growth in the community by improving the quality of life of residents, providing contemporary housing, access to modern infrastructure, and promotes the creation of new business enterprises and, thus, more economic opportunities for residents.

Development Components

The development is planned with the following development precincts as follows:-

A. Grand Gateway Zone: Consisting of Shopping Mall, Office Blocks, Hotel and Serviced Apartments;

B. International School Zone: Comprising of Education up to pre-Tertiary Students

C. 3 Residential Precincts: Accommodating 1,673 residential units as follows

i. Garden Avenue - A gated development consisting of 3 storey Terrace Bungalow
ii. Avenue Park and Canal Park - 6 blocks of medium rise apartments sited in a park environment
and located alongside the canal
iii. Crescent Park - 2 blocks of medium rise apartments

D. Public Services: Consist of Administration blocks, Medical Centre, Commercials and Clubhouse

The project is planned to be implemented in 7 phases, commencing with 2 blocks of apartments, 148 units, with a saleable area of about 17,699 sqm in the Canal Park Precinct, in the 4th quarter of year 2009.

For product and general sales enquiries, please contact at:

Berjaya - Handico12 CO. LTD
The Pavilion, Thach Ban Garden City
Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Tel: 84.4.3652 6666 - 0987 952 938 - Fax: 84.4.3652 6668
Email: sales@berjayahandico12.com

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