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Over the recent years, Hanoi has been developing dramatically with a high speed of urbanization. Besides renovating of existing residential areas, a number of investment projects on new residential zones are being under construction to create the spacious and modern Capital and to meet people’s high demands of a high-quality life.

Eco City – The Ecological City - will bring Hanoia a pure living environment with green spaces, fresh air and cool. Eco City will also have significant contributions in creating a modern Hanoi but still preserving and celebrating the beauty of architecture of the Green Capital.

Planning area for Eco-City is 37 hectares, located in the former area of 8/3 Textile factory and Hanoisimex Company in Minh Khai street. As planned, the main Axial space is from the North to the South, which is formed by the arterial roads, green stroll garden and the winding lakes landscape. The open space delineated by the green stroll garden around the residential area from the East to the West (located among buildings arranged from East to the West).

The height of construction is designed lower and lower from South to North and from the West to the East (to eliminate late afternoon sunlight from the west to the low-rise blocks in the East).

Facade work is design-oriented "soft walls" with green spaces and flexible sun shield wall to maximize visibility into the lakes and gardens.

Eco City project is in progress at high speed and effectiveness as planned to bring people an eco-town inside Hanoi.

For further information, please contact:

Vincom Joint Stock Company
Add: 191 Ba Trieu st, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.
Tel: 84.4.3974 9999 - Fax: 84.4.3974 8888.

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