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VNRE - The building is expected to have one of the most distinctive architectural design in Hanoi given the consultation of world famous professional firms namely WSP Hong Kong (foundation architecture consultant) and Benoy Hong Kong (architectural consultant)…

MBLand Tower is the place of modern age built on a blessed piece of land, where you are offered the harmonious feeling created by the mixture of nature and heritage values. The building is a modern architectural landmark featured with pleasant sketches of historical values.


MBLand Tower located at number 6 & 8 Chua Boc St., neighboring a number of luxurious buildings to be developed in near future. This is going to be one of the busiest commercial and business centres of Hanoi, leading from Viet Tower building (Thai Ha St.) to Star Bowl trading centre (Dong Tac St.).

This area is currently in convenient distance to the city’s key streets and will be one of the key stations of the underground train system in the near future.

Dong Da is one of the most populous districts of Hanoi, a prime destination for shopping, hotel, office and other social activities.

The project is developed on the total area of 9,825m2, 80m wide arcade and 124m deep. This is currently Asean hotel, its parking lot, and the recreational centre with swimming pool and tennis court. This land is located on the Southwest of the city, designed to provide a panoramic view of Hanoi and position itself as a beautiful landmark looking from every direction.

The second subway route in Hanoi

Chua Boc underground train station will be a key traffic junction, not only for Hanoi but also for national transport. And MBLand Tower will be the first line of greeting to welcome all visitors


MBLand Tower is a complex of Commercial centre – Office – Hotel with a state-of-the-art and unique architectural design which will be an example for the modern and high quality development trend for the whole surrounding area. With its renovation in architectural design, environmental friendliness and sustainable development philosophy, this building will be the driving force for the development of the whole area.

Explore MBLand Tower with your own angle.The building is designed so that the hotel tower creates an angle of the L shape with office tower at its narrow side overlooking the city centre which creates maximum view for users. A green space with a large garden at the front yard leading to main lounge of the commercial centre. This environment-friendly image is one of the features characterising MBLand Tower Retail.The two towers MBLand Tower Office and MBLand Tower Hotel were put with an outstanding crimson color. This area has its own lounge designed to give you some private atmosphere outside of shopping area of MBLand Tower Retail. You can indulge yourself with spectacular view of Hanoi city from the height provided by very few buildings in Hanoi.

Modern technology for a stylish building

New materials used in world’s top buildings will be used for MBLand Tower

Multi-layered material of Texlon’s – this material can be used to develop a roof structure which is durable given the local weather and environment, allowing easy changes of heat-proof layer and enabling heat-circulation if necessary.

The material is fire-proof, equipped with a separate energy control system and integrated heat, smoke, wind and rain alarm sensors. Besides, Texlon material enables outstanding lighting capacity which could make an indoor garden looks like outdoor in sunny days.

Flexipix – New technology advertisement screen Flexipix is a thin metal panel technology with RGB colored LCD installed. This product is commonly used as vertical advertisement screen at international trading centres. Flexipix enables non-synchronised transmission between lighting and video effects which create a modern image as the face of the commercial centre.Colorful blinds are used for the hotel windows creating beautiful flipping background for the outside glass.

Feng Shui

As a legend goes “The dragon released several dragon balls which turned into different sized islands in Ha Long bay, creating a natural wall stopping the invaders”. Ha Long bay is one of the great beauty of Vietnam nature which reflects its habitats’ spirit of great nationalism Once again, the theme of Ha Long bay is recreated through the project’s architectural design.Here and there are the images of poetic red sails full of wind Partly hiding at the underneath of the building are the unyielding rocky mountains represent the sustainable value of time Looking down from the offices, the image of the boats sailing between the mountainous islands heading towards the open sea give us drive for future success That’s the way MBLand Tower bring the beauty of Vietnamese nature and people to the centre of Hanoi city.

Historical features - The imprint of time

The harmony in architectural design of MBLand Tower is the integration of modernism and tradition. The images of Vietnamese interweave patterns are imitated upon the ceiling of the world-class shopping centre MBLand Tower Retail.Under the sun light, the two crimson towers give you impression of the crimsoned doors of traditional Vietnamese – a preserved value of Vietnam tradition.

Green environment

MBLand Tower bring you pleasant and relaxing feeling with your green spaces.

Living in our green spaces, you will be surrounded by the green of trees and leaves, featuring various colors of flowers and sun-shine. Don’t forget, you are at MBLand Tower!Natural rough rocks put together into hard and tough mountains reminding us of islands in Ha Long Bay which are standing firmly and proudly on the sea despite the wearing effect of time.

Project Overview

Total land area: 9,398 m2.Building functions: Hotel, Offices and Commercial services.Number of storey: 21 floors and 3 basementsConstruction area: 4,47.8m2Construction density: 44.1%.Land usage rate: 5.7 timesTotal floor area: 53,398m2 (basements not included)Number of floor: 21 floor (basements not included)Height: 104.7mBasement area: 21,398m2

Surrounding infrastructure is also developed including front pavement, car drive, water and drainage, electricity and gas system, green area, etc.

- Basement 3 and 2: Parking and technical supporting systems.
- Basement 1: Supermarket and some technical systems.
- Ground floor: Lounge into functional areas,
- 1st to 4th floor: Commercial centre
- 5th floor: Commercial centre, Food court.
- 6th floor: Technical floor.
- 7th to 10th floor: Offices (4 floors).
- 11th floor: Multi-functioned area including halls and function rooms
- 12th floor: Restaurant, kitchen.
- 13th to 19th floor: Luxurious hotel rooms (7 floors)
- 20th floor: Open air floor and swimming pool for sporting and recreation activities.

MBLand TowerA building with excellent sense of art and unique architectural design.A sample for modern and high-quality development for the whole area.A renovation of modern architecture – environmental-friendly, sustainable development and harmony of oriental feng-shui factors.


Holiday Inn is a tryout for a World-classed hotel experience for the first time in Vietnam, where you deserve the satisfaction from our services.

Elegance and modern is what we have to offer Holiday Inn.Privacy for each customer.Values guaranteed for customersFull satisfaction with peaceful moments.
Luxurious restaurant where you are always confident with your styles.

Enjoy state-of-the-art cuisines offered exclusively at MBLand Tower.

Rooftop swimming pool

Out of the crowd and loud of the city Enjoy relaxing moments surrounded by the pure, chilly water Free yourself into the freshness of Hanoi air.


MBLand Tower is designed to best meet the demands of MBLand Tower Office tenants by being a complex of Commercial centre – Office – Hotel.MBLand Tower Office is an A-class office area with top quality functions and services for office tenants.

MBLand Tower Office bring your success to international level.

Shopping Mall

You can take time to shop as much as you wish since we provide hundreds of famous brands for you to choose from.

Getting out of the busy shops, you can enjoy relaxing feeling by the green lighting and ambiance of nature in every corner.

Enjoy every architectural feature of the building.Explore luxurious items and bring home what satisfy you the most.

The stores on six floors of MBLand Tower Retail will surely satisfy the shopping cravings of the most difficult customers.

Each floor is a different shopping experience:

Basement 1: Supermarket with total area of 5000m2
Ground and 1st floor: Luxurious fashion and cosmetics of world’s top brands
2nd floor: Family shopping area
3rd floor: Technology products
4th floor: Food court
5th floor: EntertainmentTop floor: Out door activities, bar, restaurant.

MBLand Tower Retail shopping centre provide you with unconstrained vision of all the stores.You can stay in one place to scan through what we have to offer.

We use 6 floors just for shopping, food, drink and recreation. How long does it take for you to explore our MBLand Tower Retail area?


Main consultant: A leading company in structural enginerring, well known in Vietnam by the Sailing Tower project – Hochiminh City

WSP Hong Kong Ltd.
1/F, K. Wah center, 191 Java road - North Point - Hong Kong
Tel: 852.2217 2000 - Fax: 852.2802 9626
E-mail: hongkong@ wspgroup.com.hk - Website: www.wspgroup.com

Architecture consultant: A world leader in Commercial centre designing and MBLand Tower is the company’s first project in Vietnam.

Add: 5/F Lincoln House - Taikoo Place 979 King’s Road,
Quarry Bay - Hong Kong SAR - China
Tel: 852.2250 7222 - Fax: 852.2250 7333
Website: www.benoy.com

Supporting consultants:

Consultancy, Construction and Investment Ltd. (CCI., Ltd)
No. 20/7 Thai Ha street, Dong Da district, Hanoi Capital
Tel: 84.4.3857 3804 - Fax: 84.4.3537 5101- E-mail: cci@ hn.vnn.vn

A hotel chain group who is leading the world in numbers of rooms and has developed many of its famous names in Vietnam. This is the first time the Group market its famous brand of Holiday Inn via this project of MBLand Tower.

IHG Hotel management group- Singapore
230 Victoria Street, #13-00 Bugis Junction Towers, Singapore 188024
Tel: 65.6395 6298 - Fax: 65.6395 6085.

For further information, please contact:

MBLand Tower
No. 6 & 8 Chua Boc street, Dong Da district, Hanoi Capital
Tel: 84.4.3535 6367 - Fax: 84.4.3535 6368
Email: info@mbland.vn - Website: www.mbland.vn

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