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Le Meridien Da Nang Resort & Spa is a five–star luxury resort and residential complex located on the famous Non Nuoc Beach and stretching about 381 meters across its coast.

The 12 hectares of property is split up into the five-star resort hotel, its amenities and conference, the resort apartments and the resort villas.

The Resort sits along the Sontra – Dienngoc highway providing easy access to and from the site and just 6 km away from the Da Nang International Airport.

The five–star resort hotel

The 21 story five–star resort hotel includes 334 keys, of which there is a presidential. The rooms are all designed to have views of the majestic Non Nuoc Beach and South China Sea. The two parking lots of the hotel with a total area of 11,700sm are located at the basement. There are 4,226sm of a one story conference, an exclusive spa, a fitness center, a swimming pool, a one story weeding chapel and a three seaside restaurant.

The main circulation of the building sits in a core in the middle of the hotel creating easy access anywhere for its guests.

The resort apartments

The 23 story apartments hold 149 apartments (59 one–bedroom apartments, 52 two–bedroom apartments and 44 three–bedroom apartments) that are all designed to provide views of the Non Nuoc Beach and South China Sea. The parking of the apartment covering 9,951sm is located at the basement.

There are also a restaurant, a swimming pool and a fitness center.

The resort villas

The resort villas have 48 villas including 2 two-story five-bedroom villas, 1 presidential villa, 7 two-story four–bedroom villas, 10 two-story three–bedroom villas, 2 two-story two–bedroom villas and 26 one-story one–bedroom villas.

The site

Total Plot Area: 12 HA - 120,000 m2
Total Building Area:
- The five-star resort hotel: 47,985 m2
- The resort apartment: 38,573 m2
- The resort villas: 21,483 m2

Building height: 21 stories for the five-star resort hotel, 23 stories for the resort apartments and 1 or 2 stories for the resort villas.

The setbacks

There is a no build zone 20 m from the Son Tra-Dien Ngoc highway of the site boundary, 10 m from both sides (Northwest and Southeast) of the site boundaries and 50 m from Non Nuoc Beach of the site boundary.

The sight lines

The resort design maximizes the amount of views possible of Non Nuoc Beach, the Peninsula, Cham Island and the Truong Son Mountain range. The buildings are all oriented to provide the best of these views.

The topography

There is a 0.8 m height difference from the West side with +4.5 m to the East side with +3.7 m. The existing site then slopes down to the ocean

The traffic

- Pedestrian: Public pedestrian access is structured along the Son Tra-Dien Ngoc highway, along the beach front, in the middle of the site and on the sides of the resort site where pedestrian access to the beach can be found.

- Vehicular: There are 3 vehicular access points to the resort. Two service entries sit at each end of the site and provide service to the five-star hotel and the apartment. The main entrance to the resort sits towards the center of the site and providing access to the five-star hotel, the apartment and the villas. Residents of the apartment park their automobiles in the underground parking located off the main road. Villa residents will be taken to their villa by a cart via the cart accesses located off the main road.


For the development of a uniquely structured resort, landscape is designed to cover an area of 49% of the property.

For further information, please contact:

Mr.Ho Quang Dung - Saigon Danang Investment Corp (SDN)
Add: 61A Nguyen Van Cu, Hoa Hiep Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District, Danang City
Tel: 84.511.3770 888 - Fax: 84.511.3770 885
Mobile: 0905 115 333 - Email: dung.ho@saigoninvest.com

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