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Detaco Urban projects in Nhon Trach of the De Tam Joint Stock Company (Detaco) has large-scale of 47.3 ha in Phuoc Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, located in the Nhon Trach City master plan was approved by the Prime Minister by Decision No. 323/TTg on 17/05/1996.

Detaco Nhon Trach is located strategically at the intersection of two main streets of the city under the general planning Nhon Trach new urban. The first route from the city center through Detaco Nhon Trach new urban to Phuoc An Port 800ha. The second route from industrial zone through Detaco Nhon Trach urban area down the belt highway. These are two important roads in the urban area to connect the service center and the residential area of Nhon Trach urban as hospitals, schools, markets ... And these are two directions connecting the axis traffic is the South Nhon Trach highway connected to the Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway starts from District 9 - HCM City over a bridge to Phuoc An port.

Detaco Nhon Trach was planned to develop a green modern residential city, creating a housing fund has full technical infrastructure, contribute to the resolution housing demand is growing in areas with large industrial systems in Dong Nai province (3,600 hectares industrial zone) next to the projects of the two companies as Hanoi Construction Corporation scale 150 hectares and residential projects of The Vietnam Housing and Urban Development Holdings Group (HUD Holdings) is about 225 hectares. A number of large projects such as East Saigon project 800 hectares in size with US$ 6 billions, projects on the new center city scale to 600 hectares with investment capital of US$ 2 billion has granted investment licenses by the government for joint ventures D2D and Berjaya corporations (Malaysia).

Nhon Trach city will be a very busy city in the future, where the convergence of the new residential area with smooth traffic system (roads, waterways, railways and airports), convenient transportation, all the power supply, ground water to ensure urban landscape.

The birth of the project contributed to rapidly improve the overall planning of Nhon Trach new urban which the Prime Minister has approved the project, because of project has not only condominiums, villas, houses design, but also supermarkets, schools and hospitals to meet the needs of people who not only live in the project area, but also for the surrounding area and the entire in Nhon Trach city. The welfare projects have met the standards of a modern city.

Project Progress

Start construction: the second quarter in 2008. Complete infrastructure investment: expected in 2011.

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