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Babylon Residence 1 project is located in the administrative center of Thu Duc District, so the master plan of the area is quite perfect, adjacent administrative region concentration. Babylon Residence also inherited space for community activities, parks and sports 36ha and public services available solve your daily needs.

The difference of Babylon Residence 1 is the most modern commercial center in Thu Duc District with first floor offers a variety of financial and other forms of utility services such as air tickets agent, travel services ... Floor 2nd, 3rd, 4th as supermarkets, restaurants meet essential daily needs. Floor 5th is the children's playground, library. Floor 6th is the cinema are with a modern model of entertainment, giving the viewer feeling alive with the characters in the movie. Floor 7th are coffee terrace, a restaurant to meet the needs of the residents here. All of these utilities to make life better.

If entering the apartment you will feel airy and light from the sun for all the rooms, the arrangement of the campus is also very light in harmony with each individual space. All apartments have public living space as well as a separate function space. Especially from Penthouse apartment you will look easily panoramic city skylines or while standing in the glass cage of Babylon suspension bridge. The apartment of Babylon has an area from 75m2 to 240m2 (minimum two bedrooms), very flexible to fit the size as well as future plans of your family.

Project scale

- Campus area: 28,280 m2.
- Building density: 25%.
- Scale Construction:
+ 02 block 21-storey apartment + 02 Mezzanine floor (ground floor,
19 typical floors, Penhouse, Villa).
+ 01 block 7-storey commercial center.
+ And the public buildings, green parks.
- Total apartments: 668 units.
- Area: From 75 m2 to 240 m2.


• Babylon Residence 1 is located on Cay Keo Road, Tam Phu Ward, Thu Duc District.

• Under administrative center of Thu Duc District.

• Approximately 6km away from Binh Trieu Bridge, approximately 2.5 km from Thu Duc Market, and about 200m from Vanh Dai Trong Road.

• Quickly and easily go into the city center, District 7, Thu Thiem, the international airport according to Tan Son Nhat Binh Loi street or go to the key economic region as Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ba Ria-Vung Tau.

• The project is located in prime location in the new urban area in Thu Duc District, adjacent to Tan Son Nhat - Binh Loi and Vanh Dai Trong road from the intersection of Go Dua intersection through the Binh Thai intersection connecting Hochiminh City-Long Thanh-Dau Giay road in East-West Highway intersection.

Utilities - Three in one

First>>> Standard urban civilization.

• Amusement park and swimming pool on the campus project wide nearly 5.000m2.
• The most modern commercial center in Thu Duc District:

+ Floor 1st provides various types of financial and other utility services such as air tickets agent, travel services ...
+ Floor 2nd to level 4th as supermarkets, restaurants meet essential daily needs.
+ Floor 5th is the children's playground, library.
+ Floor 6th is the cinema area with modern entertainment model.
+ Floor 7th is terrace coffee, a restaurant to meet the needs of the residents here.

Second>>> Safety and supreme comfort

• Information system:

+ The building is equipped with WiFi Internet. You can work, study and collect information in any location.
+ Owner built personal websites for building and email addresses for each apartment. All necessary information, the monthly services charges, comments or reminder from the management board to be sent directly to each apartment via email.
+ Cable television system and telephone will be taken to each apartment.

• Elevator system: Arranged focus with intelligent operation software, you will not lose too much time to wait even during rush hours.
• Garage: Basement ensures enough parking lot for residents with management system will recognize your car when sending and receiving vehicles.
• Generator backup: enough for public services and light, the daily needs of residents. You will not worry when the electricity goes out frequently.

Third>>> Complete confidence - Complete sleep with advanced management mode

• The security system, building security:

+ Security system ensure that only residents can enter the buildings.
+ Doors protecting for each separate corridor for 4 or 5 apartments.
+ CCTV in public areas are kept for several days, make sure the information you need. From anywhere in the world, you can follow building or watch your child activities with a single click.

• Fire protection system: ensuring optimal if the incident occurs. Fire alarm system with temperature probes, smoke detectors, fire wall systems, fire alarm, automatic firefighting in place to ensure treatment. Fire extinguisher is equiped in public places, the sentry's orders and guide firefighting was fully equipped. Each apartment is equipped with fire alarm and the anti-choking mask, poisoning prevention, when problems occur can use to ensure absolute safety to the nearest emergency exit ladder. The basement will arrange fire alarm system, automatic firefighting sprinkler.


Babylon Residence 1 attachs special importance to the living space, to help you and your family can enjoy peace life here, dispel fatigue after a day of work hard.

- Bedroom, living room is tiled imported.
- Sanitary ware is according to European standards.
- Line power and water installed reasonably convenient for the auxiliary equipment such as milling machines, rice cooker, refrigerator, washing machine ...
- The windows, balcony doors are using plastic core steel or aluminum door of Vietnam (European standard), force glass.
- Table kitchen with granite, washing-up with inox steel ...
- High-speed elevator system with standard like elevator of Mishubishi, Shanghai, Techno, Fuji imported or equivalent.

Payment methods

Flexible payment methods and other promotions aimed at creating favorable conditions for buyers. Specifically, customers do not have to contribute over 70% before get home.

For further information, please contact:

Dat Gia Consulting & Trading Company
Add: 2Q Dinh Bo Linh Street, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 84.4.6999 3512 - Fax: 84.8.3804 0023
Email: info@datgia.com.vn - Website: www.datgia.vn

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