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Vnre.blogspot.com - Da Nang People's Committee has just agreed to the City Construction Department to hire foreign consultants to adjust planning and construction Da Nang urban to 2025.

Accordingly, the group of foreign consultants (from the U.S.) are responsible for proposing new ideas about planning infrastructure of water supply, urban greenery and special attention to transport infrastructure, to ensure Danang City develop sustainable in the future.

On that basis, the City Construction Department will actively carry out design urban in the center, review the entire roads' boundary line as the basis for building permit, propose People's Commitee edits and supplements content decisions about the urban management, construct the management regulations on architecture in the city ... in accordance with the development orientation of Da Nang up to 2025. It is known that expenditure for the hiring foreign consultants to adjust urban planning is $ 200,000.

Also in the field of urban planning, before the traffic congestion of the northern gate clue into the central, Da Nang People's Committee assigned to the Da Nang Department of Transportation hold Contest architectural to find the design concept of other intersections in the T-junction Hue according to the form of extensive international recruitment.

The structure of award consists one first prize, one second prize and one third prize with the award worth is 50 millions VND, 40 millions VND and 30 millions VND in turn. The company won the first prize will be selected to build up the project documentation if ensure the capability. Competition is expected to be implemented in late 2010.

Source: VTC News

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