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Vnre.blogspot.com - Doing a good job mobilizing and using loans is expected to help Kien Giang province promote its socioeconomic development from now to 2015 and subsequent years. Between 2011 and 2013, the province will accelerate infrastructure improvement especially in the island district of Phu Quoc.

Kien Giang mobilized almost VND58 trillion in development investment from 2006-2010, which is equal to 37.5 percent of the provincial gross domestic product (GDP). Of this VND58 trillion, more than VND32.6 trillion or 60.57 percent came from the private sector.

There are 30 official development assistance- (ODA) funded projects in the province, which are involved in transport infrastructure construction, forest restoration and protection, healthcare, education, poverty reduction and environmental hygiene improvement.

At the recent mid-term meeting of the Consultative Group (CG), Kien Giang Province People's Committee Chairman Bui Ngoc Suong said that the province called upon international financial organizations to fund a number of health, education and transport infrastructure projects in the province, including projects to construct obstetrics, pediatrics and tumor hospitals and flood control and wastewater gathering and treatment systems in the city of Rach Gia, projects to expand the An Hoa Bridge, projects to construct four bridges on the Xeo Ro channel and wastewater drainage and treatment system in the Ha Tien Town, a project to conserve the U Minh Thuong National Park, a project to construct an electronic library and a continuing education center in Giang Thanh district, a project to reinforce sea dikes and a project to survey capability to cope with climate change in Kien Giang. These projects need an estimated capital of about VND5 trillion.

Improvement of water supply and wastewater drainage systems in Ha Tien Town and Rach Gia city has become a necessity. Ha Tien has been developing into a major tourist center that accommodates busy border trade. Located on the trans-Asia route, which connects Vietnam with Southeast Asian countries, Ha Tien is an important location in southwestern Kien Giang and the Mekong Delta. It has the huge potential for tourism and trade development.

The city of Rach Gia is the administrative, economic and cultural center and a third-grade urban area of Kien Giang province. It is striving to become a second-grade urban area as soon as possible.

World Bank Country Director for Vietnam Victoria Kwakwa said that the World Bank is interested in investing in environment improvement projects, as these projects will contribute greatly to bettering locals' lives. The World Bank is investing in similar projects in other localities and it is willing to invest in the three above-mentioned projects in Kien Giang, she said. The projects need to be prepared early for submission to the Ministry of Planning and Investment and then be listed among projects prioritized for World Bank investment. Victoria Kwakwa suggested that Kien Giang attract investment capital for environment improvement from different sources including state and private sources.

Reported by Tuan Hung/ VEN

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