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Our life is increasingly busy and daily faced with the many insovable problem as environmental pollution, harsh climate, work pressure and take care of family economy, raising children, ...

Desire to bring a cozy family living, a healthy environment and beyond are enjoying full and true flavors of the life blend with nature, the Dai Duong Limited Company has launched Mekong Riverside Urban.

Mekong Riverside City was formed with the idea of an urban resort right in the heart of urban centers, administrative and economy centers of Long An province (Tan An City). It has established as a satellite town of Hochiminh megacity - the largest economic - financial center of Vietnam today.


Now, with the formation and was put to use the Saigon - Trung Luong expressway, only takes about 60 minutes by car you can work from offices in the heart of Hochiminh City to return to your home at Mekong Riverside City. In the future, this time will also shorten significantly (estimated at about 30-45 minutes), due to the connection of the East-West Highway, Nguyen Van Linh highway to Sai Gon-Trung Luong.

Mekong Riverside City has a very favorable position, right in the land where many experts was evaluated as a land of Peace, Happiness. Far away from Economic - Financial center - Hochiminh City less than 50km, with transport infrastructure and the connection has completed an architectural space, natural space is considered extremely ideal.

- East borders Vam Co Tay River
- West borders extended Hung Vuong Street.
- South is adjacent to Commercial Urban in Tan An Town, by the investor Dong Tam group.
- North borders Nguyen Thi Hanh Street.


Anticipation of future trends, when the land - natural resources are limited - while population increase daily, bring about demand for a place to settle down while ensuring the comfort of life, and work in harmony with nature.

Mekong Riverside City was formed in the overall planning of the Tan An new city total area of campus is approximately 50 ha, of which, building density less than 50%.

Along with the mild Vam Co Tay river surrounds the project, Mekong Riverside City promises to become a safe haven for community residents here, where the design, planning unique, modern lead this flow into many areas deep inside the project.

With so many public works as (commercial town, high-rise commercial buildings, supermarkets, parks and sports complex, parks, harbors, ...) and surrounding areas (schools, hospital, PPC/ Tan An City, ...), the Mekong Riverside residents can fully expect a quality life as living in leading urban area.

For further information, please contact:

Dai Duong Limited Company
Add: 47 Le Van Tao St., Ward 2, Tan An City, Long An Province.
Tel: 84.72.382 9291 - Email: sales@dothidaiduong.com.

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