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Located on Da Ong Dia Beach, the most beautiful beach of Mui Ne, Mui Ne Cactus has a primary location, in 5 star resort community, adjacent to SeaLink 18 hole golf court with international standard. Terrain of project is very special, the back lead on high hill, the front has view to the sea; this promises a stable and prosperous feature for tenants here. Away 200km from Ho Chi Minh City, about 3 hours by car following direction of Northeast, you will have a whole fabulous and marvellous world of your own. In the future, that world will be closer to you when HCMC - Phan Thiet highway and Phan Thiet airport are constructed.

Enjoy wonders of the life

After hard-working days, you, your family and your friends can enjoy flavor of sea-breeze, rest and relax in an environment surrounding by white sand, golden light and blue sea. Mui Ne Cactus is in a group of luxurious resort which link to famous tourist areas as Hon Rom, Cat Bay Hill, Ke Ga Island and other places full of traditional values as Po-Sa-Nu Ancient Tower, Co Thanh Pagoda, Phu Quy Island and etc.

Various facilities connecting

More luxurious is a crowded marina which brings toward a luxurious cruising in the sea, all the interesting and surprise encounters with new friends. Engaging in a challenging water skiing, always seek to conquer the top. In addition, with SeaLink 18 hole goft court, you can experience high-class sport without moving on a long distance. Who said that you would loss your most interesting things when you were away from the city? Every facility is in front of your eyes, you only wake your senses up to feel it. Particularly, security is ensured absolutely with online camera which helps tenants can watch online directly your property situation wherever you are.

Where life blends with nature

With special design like stairs for whole area, wind and natural light is available at each space inside villas. Villas are designed following modern tropical architecture with maximum view to the sea through wide glass windows. Architectural characteristics are lissom and graceful; this style gives each villa airy space but very private; however it still have a warm exchange with surrounding area.

Featured characteristic is design is impression of nobleness and mystery of the Orient. That is opening space with spacious roof, high and low plant barriers surrounding colorful flowers garden. Nothing is better than bringing a glass of champagne when you sit next to the bar with tuneful melody or when you have a heart-to-heart talk about your family, your work on a windy patio.


Pure and peaceful living environment together with luxury and 5 star standards; inside each villa is designed artistically and modernly creating a lively contrastive style and is served with quality and modern services for tenants enjoying life here.

Life at Mui Ne Cactus is processed in relaxing to wonderful moments; each day is an adventurous experience but very romantic. At night, you can deep in sleep peacefully with singing of the sea.

For further information please contact:

Van Dat Investment Service Co., Ltd
Add: 179 Ly Chinh Thang Street, District 3, HCMC.
Tel: 84.8.3931 3411 - Fax: 84.8.3931 3521
Email: vandatcactus@gmail.com.

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