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Vnre.blogspot.com - Prime Minister just signed a Decree 71/2010/ND-CP details and guide the implementation of the Housing Law. This Decree takes effect from 08/08/2010 to replace Decree No. 90/2006/ND-CP dated 06/09/2006 of the Government.

Objects to be applied as organizations and individuals at home and abroad; foreigner investing in housing development in Vietnam; organization and individual owns houses, use houses and participate in housing transactions in Vietnam; the appraratus of the state at all levels of housing areas; organization or individual not belong to cases above but whose activities related to housing sector.

Many conditions

This Decree shall come into life, the Vietnamese residing abroad are facilitated more if they want to buy houses in Vietnam. The duration of home ownership of Overseas Vietnamese are stable, long-term.

Accordingly, Overseas Vietnamese have right to own home ownership in Vietnam if they have Vietnam citizenship, the original Vietnamese operate on direct investment avtivities in Vietnam under the investment law; persons have contributed to the country, scientists, culturist, who have special skills that agencies and organizations of Vietnam needs and working in Vietnam; persons have spouses who are Vietnam citizen live in the country. Or persons are Vietnam agencies issued visa and permitted to reside in Vietnam for three months, they have right to own a single house or an apartment for themself and family living in Vietnam.

These subjects can buy houses in Vietnam unlimited number and type of housing through purchase or receive donated, inherited or received on housing transfer land use rights in the project housing development of real estate company.

Will fine if violation detected

Although there are many advantages to Overseas Vietnamese who wish to buy house in Vietnam but also decree made many sanction if these objects infringe. Accordingly, if the Vietnamese residing in foreign countries have forged paperwork or other violations to own more than one house in Vietnam will not be issued a certificate home ownership with there property. If the certificate has been granted ownership, the house must be sold within 120 days from violations detected. After the time-limit property will be revoked certificates for home ownership has been granted, the house has not sold under the ownership of the State of Vietnam.

In addition content related to housing for overseas Vietnamese, Decree 71 also detailed regulations on ownership, management and use of housing, including apartments, villas in urban; housing transactions; rights own houses in Vietnam for Vietnamese settled in foreign and organizations, foreigner individual, the state management of housing.

Reported by Gia Minh/ SGTT

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