» » » TSQ Millennium Tower Ha Tay

TSQ Millennium Tower with 45 storeys in height is a multi-functional complex: trade center, services, apartment... comprehensive and modern, is the new symbol, showing the magnitude role of Ha Dong City in the future.

TSQ Millennium Tower project to be built in Yet Kieu Ward, Ha Dong District, Ha Noi. Buildings located on 6A Highway (intersect with Chu Van An Street), place under the city center of Ha Dong, linking Hanoi to the northwest provinces of Vietnam. This is an ideal place for business, representative offices, entertainment, shopping, recreation, relaxation and for the apartments reach international standard.

TSQ Millennium Tower Project nvested by TSQ Company, foreign company plans architectural and design, style of European architecture, the planning is comprehensive, modern, and is a multifunctional building for the different needs of customers such as commercial center, services, office for rent and apartments.

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