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Vnre.blogspot.com - HCM City plans to crack down on construction companies that violate regulations on the height of buildings in District 1.

Eleven buildings, some of which were high-rises, have exceeded the allowable height in the district, the city authority has said.

The District 1 People’s Committee has asked People’s Committees in all wards to demolish the floors of buildings that exceed the regulated height if the builders refuse to do it.

It has also told water and electricity suppliers to suspend services at construction sites that do not comply with regulations.

In addition, city agencies will withdraw the business licences of companies that violate fire prevention regulations.

Ward committees have been asked to process the necessary documents to penalise the violators and send proposals to the city authority to withdraw their licences.

The names of the construction companies will be published on the website of the Ministry of Construction and the city’s Department of Construction.

The District 1 People’s Committee has told city agencies to penalise illegal construction of any building that exceeds the allowable height, according to Thai Duc Do, head of District 1’s Construction Inspection Department.

Construction inspectors in District 1 are working closely with the ward People’s Committees to check construction sites in the district and penalise violators.

Do said the construction of buildings exceeding the allowable height had occurred for years due to poor supervision and inspection.

The criteria for the height of buildings vary, according to location, street, population density and distance to historic structures, among other factors.

Five years ago, the Government ordered restricting the number of high-rises in urban central districts, but construction on higher buildings continued.

To protect the landscape and ease traffic congestion, the HCM City’s People Council recently passed a regulation that requires city agencies to regulate the number of high-rise construction projects in inner-city District 1.

Source: VNA

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