» » » Phan Thiet: Investment US$ 500 million in Doi Bach Duong tourism complex

Vnre.blogspot.com - Recently, People's Committee Binh Thuan province has granted investment certificate for Doi Bach Duong (Poplar Hill) tourist complex project at Tien Thanh Commune, Phan Thiet city by Poplar Hill Limited company invested. With an area of about 265 hectares and total investment of approximately $ 475,868,000.

The Poplar Hill tourist complex project will have many types of various services including: villas, hotels, restaurants, cultural center, shopping center, hospital, spa and other types of entertainment and sports as martial arts, yachts, art museums ... to meet a variety of domestic and foreign traveller. The project is expected to be implemented from August 2010. When completed and put into operate, the project will contribute to various types of tourism in the province.

Source: Binh Thuan DPI

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