» » Kenton Residences: Announcing the sale of G2 and H2 block

Vnre.blogspot.com - Ensure project progress and commitment to customers, on July 24, after completion of the rough, Tai Nguyen Construction - Manufacturer - Trading Limited Company, the project owner has officially announced the offering of G2 and H2 buildings.

Offered products in 2nd stage are 178 apartments of blocks I2, G2, H2 is built crude. Accordingly, the starting price for Block I2 is $1,566 /m2, Block H2 is $1,808 /m2 and for the block G2 is $1,852 /m2 (not including VAT and 2% for maintenance )

To ensure the best customer benefits, investors will support the plan for improved interior standards of luxury apartments with competitive rates.

Customers can choose the progress and enjoy flexible payment methods, divided into several tranches. In order to support up to the customer, the investor decided not charge for services to 12/31/2012, and apply payment discount for the customer pay ahead of time.

Also, from July 24 - August 31, customers sign a contract for the apartment block G2, H2, and fully comply with the procedures for booking and complete payment of money worth 20% of apartments with corresponding 10% VAT will be awarded two tael gold SJC.

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