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VNRE - Kenton Residences by Tai Nguyen Construction - Manufacturing - Commercial Ltd. invested with building density is only 13.1% on 9.1 hectare campus, located in the planning of Saigon South residential, away from the city center 5km. With airy natural environment, fresh air, Kenton Residences converge elements forming the most luxurious community.

Kenton - the Old English meaning "Royal Land", where the magnificent palaces are located mixing into the imemense trees, harmony with the streams winding romantic and fond, and Kenton Residences was launched based on those details.

The project was designed from the idea of the harmony between nature and humans, creating "Oasis" in the heart of the city, which includes three subregions with nine buildings with ultra-modern design, surrounded by landscape, tree and lake systems.

With convenient location, is the intersection of Nguyen Huu Tho and Nguyen Van Linh roads, this is the gateway into south residential areas of the city. The project is located next to the Phu My Hung New Urban, opposite the Dragon City 7km long, close to GS residential - South Korea (scale equivalent to the Phu My Hung), Trung Son residential, near Phu My Hung Golf court, FV Hospital, RMIT University, Hiep Phuoc Port going into operation and apartment projects are in process of formation. Here will be a spacious urban with high community, full amenities serve modern life and complete infrastructure.

Kenton Residences consists of three sub-zones is the Plaza, Residence, and Sky Villas.

Plaza: Are apartments combined with commercial centers, with a total commercial floor area up to 20,000 m 2, full amenities such as luxury shopping area with two large supermarkets of the prestigious retail group inland and international, international clinics, fitness center, ...

Plaza consists of three buildings:

- Building A: 35 floors
- Building B: 26 floors
- Building I: 23 floors

A total of 804 apartments with three types: Area: 92.5 m2 -> m2 387.5; Apartment: 2 -> 3 bedrooms; SOHO Apartments: 1 -> 2 stories; Penthouses: 4 bedrooms.

Residence: The apartments are designed in more advanced level and facility. Highlights at the Residence is a separate elevator will take the owner to living room of their apartment. All apartments are corner apartment, each floor has only 4 apartments, so be open to many beautiful and various views, allowing natural light into the depths in each apartment but still limited vision through residential areas.

Residence consists of four buildings:

- Building C: 26 floors
- Building D: 26 floors
- Building G: 23 floors
- Building H: 23 floors

A total of 728 apartments with three categories: 3 bedroom apartments, an area of 142.82 -> 161.14 m2; Penthouse 4 bedrooms (2 stories + roof garden), the area from 382m2 - 405.5 m2.

Sky Villas: Designed with the level of luxury, superior equipment, each floor has only two apartments, so the apartments are received better natural light and ventilation. The highlight of this area is the parking mechanical tower system. Customers simply scan the card, the system will automatically bring up the car to parking lot, saving a lot of time. Sky Villas fully inherited the utility of the waterfront park, marina, separate internal landscape area.

Sky Villas consists of two buildings:

- Building E: E1 - 15 stories, E2 - 20 stories
- Building F: F1 - 15 floors, F2 - 20 stories.

A total of 108 apartments with three categories: 4 Bedroom Apartment; Sky villa apartment 2-storey (duplex) 4 bedrooms; Penthouse 4-bedrooms.

With the enthusiasm of investor, wants to create a high-level architecture, modern but still harmony between nature and architecture. With worries about climate change, sea level rise, the investor has initiative designed the lanscape sole level higher 5 meters than surface of the Nguyen Huu Tho road, brings peace of mind for residents living at Kenton. On the other hand, the high of landscape sole, creating a hanging gardens with thick density of trees - this is where residents relax after a day of work, study, ...

With desire to bring natural to life, the investor has designed 2,500 m2 swimming pools and rivulets around the buildings to create a cool atmosphere for all residents living in the project.

Thick density trees with standard 5.1 m2 per person, the entire terrace of buildings used as hanging gardens, to help improve air quality and temperature in residential areas will be reduced down from 2.5 to 3 degree C, to escape the hot and muggy atmosphere between bustling urban center such as Ho Chi Minh City.

With extensive design 4ha basement, serve residents living in the projects and commercial center.

The layout of the project is designed to offset 20 degree with North and South road, to help reduce direct sunlight from the two East and West direction to buildings.

Project team

  • Architectural design: Architects61 Pte Ltd - Singapore
  • Landscape design: Peridian Asia Pte Ltd - Singapore
  • Interior design: Index Design
  • Structure and Electrical: Beca Carter Holling & Ferner (S.E.Asia) Pte Ltd
  • QS consultant: Davis Langdon & Seah (DLS) England
  • Design verification: Southern Institute for Building Science and Technology
  • Certified Quality Consulting: SGS - Coninco Joint Venture
  • Management and supervise: Meinhardt Vietnam and SMEC - East Asia Joint Ventrure
  • The contractors: Coteccons and Hoa Binh Corp
For more information, please contact:

Tai Nguyen Construction - Manufacturing - Commercial Ltd
Sale gallery: 116A Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Phuoc Kien Commune,
Nha Be District, HCMC
Phone: 84.8.3781 7979 - Fax: 84.8.3781 7268
Email: sales@kenton.com.vn

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