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Ha Duy/Vnre.blogspot.com - With a sensitive awareness of the economic environment in the future, Trung Duong Corporation has boldly invested Ngoc Tuoc project under a joint - venture with the strategic corporation to Malaysia - Billion Merge - the experienced and prestigious group on real estate in Malaysia’s property market.

Ngoc Tuoc Pavillion is a special and unique architecture compared to those existing projects in Vung Tau city due to its style of modern house in accordance with the standards of British which is designed by Malaysian architects experienced in constructing apartment, office and residence buildings.

The project is the modern complex including office, commercial center and hi - end apartment with the scale of one 21 storey building for office and the twin 27 storey building for apartment. The total construction area is to 9222.4 m2 and its location on the key roads, in the city center of economy, services and administrative in the future. This site is the ideal location for companies, organizations, enterprises setting up their headquarters and transaction office that convenient for business activities and cooperation. It is only 200m away from Thuy Van beach and next to the international conference and exhibition center (Pullman Hotel).

In general, Ngoc Tuoc Pavillion is overwhelmed with the ocean’s fresh air and the panorama view of Vung Tau city always appearing on each window frames. This project is also expected to contribute positively to the strong economic development of Vung Tau city.

Project Information:
  • The project include one 21 storey building for office and the twin 27 storey building for apartment, especially the 6 storey high for parking separately as international standards, appeared in Vung Tau for the first time.
  • Total construction area: 9222.4 m2.
  • Apartment with square from 78 to 102 and 169 m2.
For further information, please contact:

Trung Duong Real Estate - Tourism Corporation
Address: 53/53B Le Hong Phong street, Ward 7, Vung Tau city
Tel: 84.64.357 6064 - 352 4332
Email: infor@trungduongcorp.com - trungduongcorpvtau@gmail.com.

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