» » Broken ground ceremony the An Thinh Hoa Binh 4-star Hotel

Vnre.blogspot.com - Yesterday morning 13-8, An Thinh Real Estate Corporation held ceremony for starting construction An Thinh-Hoa Binh Hotel with 107 rooms, 10 luxury rooms, 2 special rooms and a president room, a VIP meetingroom 30-50 seat, a hall 300-seat, garden, six villas and ancillary works such as swimming pools, golf court,... Restaurants area is arranged at 1st floor and second floor, ensures in service over 500 guests, besides there are three VIP dining room, each room serving 10 - 20 guests.

An Thinh-Hoa Binh Hotel is located on an area of 1.5 ha in the Nghieng port area, Tan Thinh Ward, Hoa Binh City. This is the first 4-star hotel of international standard was built and a highlight in the development of tourism infrastructure of Hoa Binh province.

Designed by the Line Company (Korea), the total investment of $15 million, construction time up to 3 years. On this occasion, An Thinh Real Estate Corporation supports 100 millions VND for Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/ Dioxin Fund in Hoa Binh Province.

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