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Vnre.blogspot.com - On 13 August 2010, Economic Management Board of Binh Dinh granted investment license Trung Hoi Resort project for Trung Hoi Tourism Co., Ltd. Project scale is nearly 106 hectares with total investment of about 2,270 billion.

The project is located in spatial planning for public tourism development north of Nhon Ly - Cat Tien Beach Resort in Nhon Hoi EZ. The objective of the project is to develop tourism and services with diversified types of products to serve international tourists, domestic tourists, local residents,... including 4-star hotel, park, area for camping, sports, ecological, recreation, commercial and services, the Asian and European cuisine and a public beach for local residents ...

The project is expected to be accomplished in 2020. The whole process is divided into 3 phases. The first phase (2010-2013) aim to prepare the investment procedures and finish the 1/500 ratio detailed planning map. In the second phase (2014-2017), the infrastructure, main constructions and some basic services will be put into operation. At last, other structures such as of hotel, park and general services will be completed in the third phase (2018-2020).

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