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Vnre.blogspot.com - Located in the overall culture park - tourism - sport project, adjacent two roads are Cao Lo and Ta Quang Buu Street, Ward 4, District 8, Hochiminh City, with a total area of 15.7 hectares, the residential named Elys Garden by the Van Thai Trading-Services-Construction-Housing Company invests, is built on the land area is 2.1ha, with function as residential areas for the resettlement.

As planned, Elys Garden is actually owned a very nice tourist space and cultural, sports, covers about 9.6 hectares and a shopping center, office, management office park, hotel and apartment building next door, with an area of about 4ha.

Elys Garden is located on the front of Cao Lo road wide 30m, opposite the Saigon Technology University and three internal roads wide 12m, as well as a busy residential area next door. Behind Elys Garden is surrounded by Ong Nho canal, improving micro-climate in region. Elys Garden is far away from District 8 Administrative Center about 5 minutes, a Center district 1 and Phu My Hung Urban area about 10 minutes, it's convenient.

Elys Garden is an architectural complex of 12 buildings, divided into two blocks in which the first block was started this occasion, consisting of six buildings, 18 to 28 storeys high (not including the two basement, a mezzanine, a technical floor), supply 1,212 apartment to market, area from 50.4m2 to 193.2m2.

Elys Garden hass spacious parking lot, accommodating up to 700 cars, more than 3,400 motorcycles. The entrance to the Elys Garden is a road wide 32m leading to the central square. There also have landscape lake creating airy space, a luxury restaurants, a swimming pool of national standards, a multipurpose stadium for outdoor sports: tennis, table tennis, badminton... a sidewalk connecting the buildings together to help residents relaxing, fun strolling the green grass.

For further information, please contact:

Van Thai Trading-Services-Construction-Housing Company
Add: 353 Tung Thien Vuong Street, Ward 12, District 8, Hochiminh City
ĐT: 84.8.3868 2339 - Website: www.vanthai.vn

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