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Vnre.blogspot.com - FLC Landmark Tower is located in the West – North West community of Hanoi Trade University and Mai Dich Graveyard. Surrounding this area is the system of schools, hospitals, supermarkets etc. which is rather convenient for the activities in this area.

The architecture of the tower is a 32-storey high block in which there are two garage basements; from the first to 5th floor is company office and trade service; from the 6th to 30th floor is high-level apartments. Its total investment capital is 230 billion dongs.

The architecture form of FLC Landmark Tower is designed according to the modern architectural style and its method is the combination of solid walls with large area according to horizontal-vertical units which use the specific genre of office project and assure tropical climate conditions used for apartments and is also suitable with the landscape of this area. The entrances are designed in accordance with the project organization on architectural space-landscape and assure that cars and other vehicles as well as users are accessible to the tower foot. The internal garden ground which is built is an entertainment park with parterres, verdures to create an airy living space. The outside technical infrastructure consists of lighting devices supplied from transformer stations and standby electric generator stations which are built for the tower. The public lighting system, protective lighting systems and decorative lights for the garden ground is equipped and full supplied. The water supply outside the tower is directly taken from the sectional water supply network and the water … outside the tower is ….from the open drain system flowing into the withdraw station and then draining the sectional drainage system. The waste water is collected into the under group tanks and treated and then drained out into the sectional drainage system. The fire extinguishment outside the tower is directly taken into the water intake throats distributed around the project. The systems of protection houses and electric generator stations are built in accordance with the functions of the projects and at the same time fitting with the technical infrastructure system of the whole area.

The interior technical system is comprehensive and fully-worked-out including electric, water drainage-supply, contact information, telecommunication, central air-conditioner, fire system, sewage system etc. which ensure the demands for use as well as the demands on the fire preventing security and the other technical specialty needs on operation.

FLC Landmark Tower is built with the sizeable modern architecture, comprehensive in the technical infrastructure, social infrastructure all over the area which will have a practical part in step by step apartment and working environment improvement in Tu Liem particularly and Hanoi capital generally as well and reach the standards of civilized modern urban.

Who have devoted complete this project in a long time, from the general planning to the smallest detail, we proudly present you with FLC Landmark Tower:

- Private - public harmonisation: Another highlight in the FLC Landmark Tower is hall divided into two distinct, separate between work area and residential areas.

- Flexible office: office block in FLC Landmark Tower is designed airy and divide flexible area to meet different needs.

- Close to nature: The office and apartments of the FLC Landmark Tower are designde by open style, make the most of light, wind, without being separated, affected.

- Safety first: effective fire alarm system, CCTV around and the professional security forces, hard-working, to ensure absolute security 24/24.

- Infrastructure standards: the synchronization and modern infrastructure system is a feature of FLC Landmark Tower, ensure both aesthetic and safe for both users.

- Building the future: around FLC Landmark Tower is the necessary education address in the handbook of the parents desire a quality education for their children.

For further information, please contact:

FLC Joint Stock Company
Room-903, Deaha Building, 360 Kim Ma Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.
Tel: 84.8.3556 2666 - Fax: 84.8.3556 2999
Email: info@flc.vn - flc@flc.vn
Web: www.flc.vn - www.flcland.vn

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