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VNRE - As one of state owned companies of the Transport industry which became equitized in 2000, VINAFCO or full name as Central Transport Services JSC has been growing tremendously in the transportation and logistics sectors.

Officially started operation in 1987 with just 20 highly motivated staffs from various departments of the Ministry of Transport, VINAFCO’s incorporation was a lot more difficult compared to other state owned companies. It did not possess any of the ingredients that other state owned companies had such as large pool of human resource, huge capital level and assets… However, the difficulties not only discouraged but in contrast united the staffs of VINAFCO, motivating them to overcome the tough time together. At that time, nobody would have thought VINAFCO would become a household name in the logistics sector and a multi businesses corporation. The capability and unity of the VINAFCO’s staffs have helped guided VINAFCO through the difficult period and develop VINAFCO into a reputable brand name in the industry today.

VINAFCO was one of the first few state owned companies which had demonstrated the success of equitization process through the shrew and solid management of the company. Before VINAFCO became equitized in 2001, it has undergone trial operation within its own company, paving the way for the actual process thereafter. The equitization process proved to be a resounding success for VINAFCO with huge increase in its chartered capital, expanded businesses, and regular increase in share dividends for its shareholders.

The equitization success at VINAFCO was attributed primarily to the harmonization between the VINAFCO’s staffs and the shareholders through the guarantee of economic interests, steady employment and improved welfares.

From a company with little resources focusing in transportation service, VINAFCO has developed into a big corporation operating in 8 business sectors such as: logistics, sea transport, storage, steel production, minerals exploitation, and combined services…Among them, Vinafco holds the dominating position in the transportation of ammonium with revenue reaching millions dollar per year. After nearly 20 years of incorporation, VINAFCO has accomplished several significant achievements such as: increases its charter capital to 55 billions dong, employs over 500 staffs, records revenue of 343 billions dong and profit 13 billions dong in 2005- a tremendous result for VINAFCO whose mainstream business is transportation service. Besides its own subsidiary companies, VINAFCO also collaborates with foreign and domestic partners to set up joint ventures, further affirming its status as a reputable and reliable company in the eyes of investors.

Vietnam is required to open the logistics market in accordance to WTO commitments in a couple of years, it also means other foreign companies will enjoy many advantages and the logistics market will become highly competitive. Understanding the challenges ahead, VINAFCO has invested extensively in modern and complete infrastructures such as warehousing, transport facilities, loading and unloading facilities, and advanced information management system.

VINAFCO also developed the quality management system as ISO 9001:2000 with the consultancy of experts from General Department of Quality Control. In 2003, VINAFCO was evaluated and honorably awarded the ISO 9001: 2000 certification by the international C.A.S organization.

The right investments have enabled VINAFCO to provide clients a wide range of international transportation and logistics solutions with the highest quality service and integrity. By playing an essential role in clients' businesses and delivering value added services throughout the supply chain, VINAFCO aims for complete customer satisfaction at all times.

Preparations are being implemented by VINAFCO so that it can be listed on the stock market in 2006, this will be the right step and the springboard for VINAFCO to achieve the vision of becoming one of the leading logistics provider in Vietnam.


Vinafco Logistics company
Add: 33 C Cat Linh - Dong Da - Hanoi
Tel: 04. 7365 422, Fax:04. 7365 975
Email: vinafco.logistics@vlc.com.vn
Website: www.vlc.com.vn

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