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VNRE - The tower is located at the back of the plot, emerging between the trees and the fountains. This allows the building to appear slender and improves the organisation of the landscape. The buildings present high quality finished works, exceptional accessibility and a presence defined in the market. In practical terms, the building, located in the heart of the financial district, uses a lot of bronze and crystal details. With its expensive lobby it is an example of a ClassB+ office building. The B+ or A class buildings of offices are usually tall buildings. Banks, legal companies, investment companies, and other companies of high level normally occupy them. Two entrances have been set out and are clearly identified. The entrance to the offices is located in the right side by means of a motor-lobby. The commercial entrance is more obvious, with an access from a large garden. This entrance, with its fountains and plants, suggests a relaxed atmosphere. The entrance is by a fountain, without a direct access. The North façade of the building is covered for protection purposes, by a green wall. A dense forest will also contribute to this function of protection. The commercial floors are located above the entrance, constituting the main lobby and providing an incredible access to the building.

Add: 6 Pham Hung Street, Tu Liem District, Ha Noi
Use: Commercial and offices
Constructed surface: 46.213, 35 m2
Height: The building has been developed with 35 floors and 3 basements.
The maximum height will not exceed 135,40 m.
Designed by Torsten Illgen & Le Tan Ky - Inros Lackner Vietnam LLC

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