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Vu Ha Duy/VNRE - Vung Tau E-SEA Apartment project is invested by Khang Linh Real Estate Company which will be built on the area of 12.808 m2 in Vung Tau city. NQH Architects is in charge of designing this project including 5 block of 15 storeys and 1 basement with 724 moderate apartments (44 – 67 m2) and a commercial center. This project is located in front of 51B Highway, the arterial route, the gateway to Vung Tau city. The consultant as well as inspector and the constructive management of E-SEA Apartment is Apave Group.

With modern designs, each apartment in the project is full of sunlight, cool and windy. Especially, with the desire to bring to customers who are really in need of housing, investor and designer are initiatively creating moderate apartments (from 44 – 67 m2) to make it easy for customers’ ownership but also ensuring its full capabilities of relax, comfortable life and durable, nice aspects in each apartment.

Project Information

  • E – SEA Apartment is a part of Khang Linh Complex Residences in Ward 10, Vung Tau city with total scale of 13 ha.
  • Total construction area: 12.808 m2.
  • Density of construction: 35% ( Moreover, there is more than 10.000 m2 of green environment, parking and open space ).
  • Scale of construction: 5 block of 15 storeys and 1 basement with 724 apartment and a commercial center.
For further information, please contact:

Khang Linh Real Estate Co.Ltd
ADD: G4 - 22/1 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Ward 7, Vung Tau city.
Tel: 84.64.357 3789 - 351 3789 - Fax: 84.64.357 3889
Email: info@diaockhanglinh.com.vn

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