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VNRE - The 12th Intl. Architecture Exhibition, an important event of the architecture world has opened from August 29th in Venice city, Italy.

With the theme "People Meet in Architecture", this prestigious exhibition has participated of 48 architects, engineers, painters and sculptors workshop in the world, in which including the new members from the countries such as: Albania, Bahrain, Iran, Malaysia, Rwanda and Thailand. The exhibition reflects perspective of the architect and the creative about the interaction between natural environment and the new society. Female architects of Japan - Kazuyo Sejima, Director of Architecture exhibition area this year, said: "The idea of the exhibition is to help people contact architecture, the architecture helps to contact people, and links people to people... Finally, we can satisfied with the idea that through this exhibition we can feel where our society would go, what future dreams are waiting for us. The spirit of the exhibition will be felt in many different points instead of a single point."

The exhibition will last until the date 21.11.2010 in the Giardini and the ancient fortress in the East of Venice city. A day before the exhibition is the seminars by Sejima architect and previously directors presided to introduce the history of any previous exhibition. The framework exhibition has three contests for the best photos, articles and video about the exhibition. There are 53 countries in the world participated the architecture exhibition this year.

Mrs.Sejima is world-famous female architect and familiar character of the international architecture exhibition. She and fellow-architect Ryue Nishizawa attended the 7th International Architecture Exhibition in 2000 with Japan Zone called "The City of the girls", and awarded the Golden Lion in 2004 for the most outstanding work at the 9th International Architecture Exhibition. Now she is the first female "direct" regional architecture of the International Architecture Exhibition.

Visitors of the 12th International Architecture Exhibition will have the opportunity to enjoy country music programs; the experience of hiding in cloud over the "in the cloud" work of two German and Japanese authors: Transsolar and Tetsuo Kondo; imagines a new perfect life after the earthquake by idea of the architects Smiljan Radic and Marcela Correa; or find yourself lost in the artificial forest. Mrs.Sejima said that the architecture theme of human-oriented, she will be very happy if visitors can imagine the possibilities of architecture."

Some works in The 12th Intl. Architecture Exhibition Venice:

Reported by Khanh Van - VNRE
Photos credit by BD Online

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