» » » Sabeco Tower

VNRE - Sabeco Tower is a skyscraper prepared to be constructed in 2-4-6 Hai Ba Trung, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This tower will have 40 storeys and features a traditional Vietnamese house. The Center is made up of two principal component: a free standing tower and a podium block separated by a pedestrianised street. One important design consideration is the creation of a covered urban pedestrianised street. This will be five-storey high and is designed to be spacious. The glass roof provides cover for the street which is envisaged to be filled with activities. The design emphasises simpicity in form and function in the midst of a cluttered architectural enviroment.

With a triangular shape, it tapers outwards as it rises, accomodating larger floor plates at the centre of the tower, before tapering inwards again for smaller and more exclusive floor plates at the top. With this simple tapering, the tower offers an ever changing profile depending on one's point of view. Internally, the tower transforms to accommodate different space requirements. The hotel is located at upper floors to command better views while the lower levels house the offices. The residential component is located immediately below the hotel component so both components can share some recreational facilities. Functionally, a triangle shape is chosen because it could province 20% more of the office area with river views as compared with conventionally-shaped buildings. Getting more office space is one of the main design criteria.

The wedge-shaped site has influenced the design of the retail and convention podium block to take on a trapezoidal shape. Functionally, this regular block layout and for accommodating the convention halls and rooms. All the retails and F&B Functions are concentrated in the lower floors of the podium block while the upper level of the podium block houses the international conferences and seminar rooms. The overall simplicity of the building's form has a richly textured cladding system made up of glass and metal, providing a distintive addition to the skyline of Hochiminh City.

Designed by DP Architects PTE Ltd.