» » 130 shopping centers, 30 supermakets will be built in Hanoi

VNRE - To clear the temporary and sleazy scene of wholesale, retail, the policy of Hanoi city to 2030 will build 130 shopping centers, 30 large supermarkets.

Retail system of Hanoi has 402 markets, 11 commercial centers and 62 supermarkets, accounting for 20-21% of the trade center - supermarket throughout the country. 81% of the markets in the area is market class III. The trade center-supermarket system have small size and unevenly distributed, mostly concentrated in center districts, lower quality service.

According to planning for wholesalers and retailers system project from now to 2020, in the Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Dong Da will not build more new markets, and will choose to upgrade and renovate some large markets (land area of over 3.000m ²) into the market - the commercial center with the scale type I, combined with the trade center - supermarket to form the central business district.

Reported by Thao Le

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