» » » Contract signing for design and construction of Bac Hung Hai Bridge

VNRE - On 7th December, 2010, the signing contract ceremony between Vihajico, the investor of Ecopark project, and joint venture of Utracon Overseas Pte., ltd (Singapore) and Utracon Vietnam Co., Ltd, for master contractor of design and construction of Bac Hung Hai Bridge and bridge guide ways, which belong to the Hanoi – Hung Yen Interprovincial transportation project, had taken place at Ecopark township.

According to the contract, Utracon joint venture will be the master contractor for design and construction of Bac Hung Hai Bridge, the biggest river-cross bridge of Ecopark Township. The total value of the contract is $ 27.3 Singapore dollars (approximately 500 billion VND).

The inter-province road has a total length of more than 21.4 km, in which the part in Hanoi is 4.2km length and 40metter width, the part in Hung Yen is 17.368km length (from Van Giang to Dan Tien - Khoai Chau of Hung Yen), connects Ring road 3 at Thanh Tri Bridge and runs across Ecopark project.

Bac Hung Hai Bridge crosses Bac Hung Hai river of Van Giang district, Hung Yen province, is a part of Hanoi-Hung Yen interprovincial transportation project. The bridge consists of two parallel sub bridges which are 10m apart from each other. Each sub bridge is 530m length, 18.5m2 width, and has 5 unique observatories for visitors to view the beautiful landscape of Bac Hung Hai River and Ecopark township from the bridge. Landscape on two sides of Bac Hung Hai Bridge is also harmoniously designed, making it the most special scene of Ecopark. Estimated, the construction of Bac Hung Hai bridge will start in December, 2010 and will be completed in December, 2012.

With the object of speeding up the Ecopark urban development progress, Hanoi-Hung Yen interprovincial road will be the essential road connect Hanoi to Ecopark and provinces of Hung Yen, Hai Duong, etc.,. Bac Hung Hai bridge is the most important marking construction of Ecopark, connecting the first phase land (50 hectare) to the remaining part of the project, which is as large as 450 hectare. The fast execution of Hanoi-Hung Yen interprovincial road will be a strong support for urban development of the whole Eastern area of Hanoi in general, and Gia Lam and Van Giang in particular. Bac Hung Hai will not simply a bridge, but also a work of art, a pride for all citizens of Ecopark, the city of commerce and tourism, the city of green and blue.

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