» » » Vietnam to host Architects Regional Coucil Asia - ARCASIA 2011

VNRE - Vietnam Association of Architects, said in 2011, Architects Regional Coucil Asia will take place at Danang City from 15 to 20/ August/ 2011 under the theme "Asian Cities in the 21st Century".

This forum is where the experts in the region together exchange ideas on architecture, urban planning in order to answer the question: How to design and build a sustainable city in the process of urbanization, globalization and still retain its own identity?.

ARCASIA includes all the presidents of the Association of Architects member countries, including Vietnam. Each year, the council meeting with the conference or ARCASIA forum is held in turn in the member countries.

Chairman of Vietnam Association of Architects Mr.Nguyen Tan Van, said the issue "green architecture" is one of the important contents are mentioned in this forum. The development of "green architecture" model in Vietnam today is the first step, but architects have expressed their activeness for a modern - practical - global architectural trends. The design architecture from bamboo, using wind energy, solar of young architect Vo Trong Nghia has ever conquered the major architectural awards, which attract the attention of foreign investors.

Currently, the "Green architecture" groups are initially established at the Council level and will progress toward National Council. From here, many criteria for "green architecture" will be born. That would be an architect associated with modern technologies, energy-saving, environment friendly and future-oriented.

Reported by Thuong Huyen | CPV

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