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VNRE - On 26/03/2011, Trung Thuy Group Corporation and Saigon Beer Transport & Logistics JSC (Sabetran) published the results of the architectural competition for Lancaster Residences D4 project.

With the idea of designing the building like a sail, take the natural harmony of living space, fuel economy, overall architecture is beautiful, consistent with the area and landscape around the building and especially to ensure the safety, designed by NQH Architects has won first prize. The reward for NQH is a deal design package entire Lancaster Residences D4 project. DWP got second prize with a 12,000 USD reward, AW2 got third prize with a $8,000 reward, ICIC got four prize with a $5,000 reward.

Mr.Ngo Quan Hien - Director of NQH Architects - the winner in the competition, said: "In my design, the towers are curved to the majority of the apartments are facing the river and reduce the heat of the sun from the west, but still ensure the ventilation for the apartments, each apartment can welcome the direct light of nature. Green space is also very focused, trees will be planted around the towers and especially the safety features of the work is my leading priority."

During the ceremony, Mr.Nguyen Van Trung - Deputy General Manager of Trung Thuy Group, and CEO of Trung Thuy Sabetran said: "We hope that after the project Lancaster Residences D4 is formed, all other investors will feel healthy living environment and potential in District 4."

Lancaster Residences D4 is located at 78 Ton That Thuyet street, District 4, surrounded by so many rivers and canals. From here can easily go to District 5, District 8, District 1, District 7 and Thu Thiem.

The total area of 2.3 ha, ịn there 13,800 m2 for infrastructure, internal roads, 5,000 m2 to build apartment buildings and 4,350 m2 for kindergarten. Total capital is about 5800 billion VND. With the advantage of the traffic along with the enthusiasm and potential of investor, Lancaster Residences D4 promises to mark a point for Ton That Thuyet - Ben Van Don region, District 4 with a string of luxury apartments, shopping center, offices, kindergarten, swimming pool, medical diagnostic center, supermarket, cinemas...

Second prize: DWP

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makati condominiums said... July 12, 2011 at 11:28 AM

Those are stunning condominium building. Hope the price is not that expensive.

Arrielle P

Anonymous said... April 11, 2012 at 1:59 PM

2nd prize went to DWP, yes. But those 3D renderings are AW2's work - the 3rd prize winner