» » » Start construction of Bac Hung Hai bridge at Ecopark New Urban

VNRE - Yesterday, Vihajico hold the groundbreaking ceremony for construction of Bac Hung Hai bridge - part of the Hanoi-Hung Yen transport project at Ecopark Urban.

Attending the groundbreaking ceremony were Mr. Nguyen Khac Hao, Vice Chairman of Hung Yen People's Committee, with representatives from several ministries, representatives of provincial departments of Hung Yen and leaders of Van Giang, Yen My, Khoai Chau (Hung Yen province) and Gia Lam (Hanoi)...

Bac Hung Hai Bridge spans the Bac Hung Hai river running through Ecopark urban, Van Giang district, Hung Yen province. Total length = 370m, include 2 bridge stand 10m apart, each bridge arranges 3-lane 3x3.75m, a mix-lane 3.25m, 2.75m section for pedestrians. Total width of a bridge is 18.5m. The main bridge structure uses reinforced concrete including 5 archs with length of 270m. Tender package has a total investment of 27.3 million SGD (Singapore Dollar)

Bac Hung Hai Bridge as part of the Hanoi-Hung Yen transport project with total length of 21.4 km from Thanh Tri bridge (Hanoi) to National Highway 39 (Hung Yen), which stretch of road runs through the Ecopark ecological urban length of 3.5km and called Ecopark Boulevard. This Boulevard is constructed with 100m, modern design with 8 lanes and roadsides are arranged trees, 8m wide median strip is plant the flowers and green grass running along the Boulevard. Intelligent lighting system that automatically turns off when the sun rises for energy savings.

Specifically, the bridge will have five stops for guests can enjoy a view of the Bac Hung Hai river and Ecopark ecological urban projects from the bridge. The investor also will construct the landscape along the river banks to create a flowing river in the heart of urban .

Bac Hung Hai bridge is expected to be completed in 12/2012. The first objective of Vihajico now is to accelerate the completion of the Hanoi-Hung Yen road at the same thime with implementation of Ecopark project which Bac Hung Hai Bridge is an important work connecting the Phase 1 and other phase of the project.

Bac Hung Hai bridge was designed by Utracon Overseas Pte Ltd (Singapore) and Utracon Vietnam is main contractor.

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