» » » Signing ceremony of memorandum of understanding between British University Vietnam and Ecopark

VNRE - On 11th May 2011, Ecopark was the site of the signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the project of building up British University Vietnam (BUV) in Ecopark – the project of Viet Hung Urban Development & Investment Jsc., (Vihajico).

According to the MOU, BUV shall lease a 5.5 ha portion of land in Ecopark for the purpose of building the campus for the British University Vietnam. The land will consist of functional areas such as learning and office spaces, as well as sport facilities such as a football pitch, tennis courts, swimming pool, etc.. It is positioned to be the first international university campus in the Hanoi area with British-standard facilities and curricula, offering a modern and innovative environment for studying, researching and teaching. International architects and construction-management services will cooperate on the design and construction of the university campus.

The project is scheduled to be constructed over a period of 18 months and will begin operations at Ecopark within approximately two years. Total cost for the project is estimated at 20-million USD; an investment of this size allows BUV to accommodate around 10,000 students eventually. Also according to MOU, Vihajico commits to complete the infrastructure installations such as the water supply and electricity up to the University’s property. Moreover, Vihajico commits to complete all the construction for Phase One of Ecopark Township by mid-2013. This will include housing and commercial centers, completion of the main construction work of the inter-provincial road between Hanoi and Hung Yen; completion of the 4.2km Hanoi – Hung Yen Road that links the Thanh Tri Bridge to Ecopark by end of 2011; and step-by-step development of the infrastructure for the subsequent construction phases on the south side of the Bac Hung Hai River from 2011.

The signing ceremony between BUV and Ecopark is a landmark event in the attraction foreign investment in the education field, and will contribute to the strengthening of education quality and offer an international environment for Vietnamese students in the near future. It also is the next step of Ecopark in creating the model of a fully functional city built to international standards.

Source: Vihajico

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