» » Hai Phong breaks ground for Waterfront City

VNRE - The construction of the largest-ever and modern urban area in Hai Phong City was commenced on July 7th along the Lach Tray River in Le Chan District.

The project covers some 25 ha and invested by Agape Vietnam.

According to the investor, Waterfront City, the name of the urban area, is a harmonious combination among the new architectural models of Vietnam, Singapore and other international trends.

In other words, the area will provide comfortable, peaceful, environmentally-friendly and modern feelings for its residents and visitors as the rate of construction is low and will have beautifully-designed modern buildings with luxurious facilities, all surrounded by large open spaces, playgrounds and green parks and especially, a walking path along the river.

The core of the project is a 30-floor twin tower that will be used for a trade centre, shopping networks, entertainment sections and offices.

The project is divided into 2 phases with the first phase which will be completed within 2 years.

Waterfront City is expected to be a paradigm for the northern seaport City of Hai Phong when the whole project is wrapped up in 2015.

Translated by Thu Nguyen | QDND
Source: Hanoimoi

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