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VNRE - The Saigonese who live overseas often dearly miss those late afternoons in Saigon with the memories of twisting dipterocarp seeds flying in the air, tamarind trees quietly witnessing the changing of times, and the peaceful, shaded streets in District 3. They miss strolling along the streets of Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Truong Dinh, Nguyen Du, and Pasteur in those fresh mornings to be fully immersed in the pure crystal-clear air or rushing across the green oasis in the middle of district 3 in those sunsets yet still able to notice the sound of a dried leaf lightly landing on one’s shoulder and a tune coming from a piano in a house hidden behind a purple forget-menot fence. Also they miss Tao Dan Park which appears magnificent in those afternoon sunny-rains like the sweet charming Saigonese girls. Every one of us wishes to live in this place, only this place, in the peaceful green heart of District 3. Léman C.T Plaza is such a place that brings together the pure tranquility of the Alps - Switzerland and the typical ambience of Saigon to create a sky-blue oasis in the middle of the air in the center of District 3, Hochiminh City.

Léman C.T Plaza rises with 24 stories on a spacious premise at the corner of Truong Dinh and Nguyen Dinh Chieu streets in the centre of District 3, a prosperous area with numerous fashion shops and fine restaurants which can be found along the shaded streets. Nevertheless, within a few minutes’ walk, you will step into a bustling world around Nôtre-Dame Cathedral, Reunification Palace and Tao Dan Park.

The most luxurious and state-of-the-art hotel

An elevator plated with precious wood will take you from the mid-air green oasis to another world with all the firstclass services. Even from your bathtub, you can always order your favourite delicious dishes served by one of the tens of restaurants located on lower floors. You can also press the “Instant” button to order anything you need 24/7.

A wonderful place to relax

You can enjoy the best of life with various types of high-class spa carefully selected from many famous places such as Bali, Cheju, Kyoto or Pattaya etc. You can also do Yoga, Meditation, fitness training or try our special exotic body detoxification package. A nail Spa run by the well-known OPI will also be opened here.

Swiss-style condominiums

Driving along Truong Dinh street, through the shaded Tao Dan Park, you finally arrive at the private courtyard of Léman Condominiums.

With a private courtyard and reserved access from Truong Dinh street, the 200 Swiss-style condominiums which are carefully designed and constructed on floors 17-24 are indeed like an oasis in the middle of the air, overlooking the green park of Tao Dan, the splendid Nôtre-Dame Cathedral and the majestic Reunification Palace.

The condominiums are designed in an elegant style, fitted with highclass exclusively imported equipments. Specially, you can have your apartment decorated with crystal lightings made by Swarovski if you like. The condominiums also provide all first-class services of the five-star hotel and Parkson shopping centre below. Just press the “Instant” button and everything will be delivered to your door...

Close your eyes and let your body be lifted and caressed by water in the swimming pool and let your soul free with the chimes from the bells of Nôtre-Dame Cathedral. From the rooftop swimming pool, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city, which looks like a giant crystal at night...

Shoppers’ paradise

Léman houses the first five-star hotel in Vietnam that has a Parkson shopping centre under the same roof, with an area of 12,000 square metres. The shopping centre enable tourists, whether they are from Tokyo, New York or Hanoi, to go on a shopping spree, searching for luxurious brand-name products or rare and precious Vietnamese artifacts which can always be delivered to their rooms. Guests can also shop through a special website linked with Parkson shopping centre.

A sophisticated world of gastronomy

Parkson’s Foodcourt, with a variety of dishes from all regions of the country and around the world, will ensure satisfaction, comfort and fast service to families or busy individuals. You can also order your favourite food from the screen in your condominium or your hotel room.

Catering for business meetings and formal receptions is our highclass restaurants including authentic Vietnamese restaurants offering specialities of each province in Vietnam, Chinese restaurants with wellknown Cantonese dishes, and Italian restaurants with famous chefs from Milano.

Not only are dishes beautifully decorated but the atmosphere in which they are served are also carefully arranged so that their appreciation can be satisfactory. The gastronomic atmosphere at Léman C.T Plaza is not only a place for talented chefs to perform their skills but also for world masters in gastronomy to visit and demonstrate their crafts.

Development team

- Investor: Léman C.T Plaza is a unique masterpiece invested by C.T Group, one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam with network of 36 member companies across the country and around the world.
- Main contractor: Kumho E&C (Korea)
- Management of commercial center: Parkson (Malaysia)
- Architecture consultant: GDP Architects (Malaysia)
- M&E consultant: Beca PCM Pte. Ltd (Singapore)
- M&E Architecture consultant: Atelier Management & Design Consultancy (Vietnam)
- Structure consultant: TYLIN International (Malaysia)
- Q&S consultant: Davis Langdon & Seag (England)
- Design consultant: HTT Group (Vietnam).

For further information, please contact:

C.T Phuong Nam Joint-Stock Company
Add: 117 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 6, District 3, Hochiminh City
Hotline: 84.098 392 6996 (Vietnamese & English)
- 84.098 321 3663 (Chinese) - 84.098 322 6006 (Japanese)
Email: sales@ctphuongnam.com | sales@ctgroupvietnam.com

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