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VNRE - On the 1st of September 2011, Fusion Resorts (www.fusion-resorts.com) has signed its newest Fusion Maia property on a 50-hectare piece of beachfront land in Ham Tan (Binh Thuan province) with KTG Land. Not only do Fusion Resorts take the management of the resort on itself, but the Design and Development Company behind Fusion, Serenity Holding will also take a stake of 30% in the resort to guarantee its quality and sustainable development.

According to Marco van Aggele, CEO and Co-founder of Serenity Holding, “The addition of Fusion Maia Ham Tan to our chain will be very necessary to take tourism developments in South Vietnam to the next level. So far, the (mostly) low quality developments in Mui Ne and Vung Tau cannot satisfy the increasing demand of high-end hospitality accommodation. The large size of the property will allow a phased development of high-end hospitality and real estate product in the years to come. In the coming months, the in-house design team of Serenity Holding will work out a design concept that will need to fit to the innovative management style and services of Fusion. I am eager to present another distinct concept to the market very soon.”

Chairman and Co-owner of KTG Land, Mr. Dang Trong Ngon explained “with Fusion on-board I am more confident taking a project of this dimension in my portfolio, especially considering the current market conditions. I am glad the overall strategy is to develop the land in line with the market demand, which allows me to already receive good earnings on my initial investment in an early stage of the development”.

KTG Land is no unfamiliar face to Serenity and Fusion, as KTG Land is also the owner of Fusion Zana Phu Quoc, Fusion Suites Da Nang and soon to be signed Fusion Zana Nha Trang. After the recent successes of Fusion Maia Danang, Fusion Alya in Hoi An and La Gi, Serenity Holding has been receiving many requests to continue the expansion of the innovative resort chain within Vietnam. The first three outstanding properties are currently conquering the Vietnamese market with a fresh innovative ways of looking at hospitality concepts based on the market demand and the location’s characteristics. Ham Tan is one of those locations that the developers wish to add to the Fusion portfolio, especially because of the short distance to Ho Chi Minh City and the (near future) freehold status of the land.

Fusion Resorts gracefully spin around the concept of “fusion”, which lies in the unconventional combinations of elements that you hardly find elsewhere. All located in gorgeous locations in the culturally bounteous Vietnam, Fusion resorts infiltrate nature into contemporary design, spiritual wellbeing into luxurious conveniences. And on top of that is the people. The warmest of Vietnamese hospitality flows profusely from Hoi An, Dalat, Phu Quoc to La Gi, and other luxurious Fusion Resorts across the country.

Contact info: Fusion Resorts
Add: 30 Nguyen Van Mai street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: +84 8 3948 0950
Web site: www.fusion-resorts.com

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