» » » Chateau Villas – The glory of life

VNRE - Recently, Phu My Hung Corporation said in mid-November 2011, the company will bring to market Chateau Villas phase 1 with 47 products including 35 single villas and 12 garden villas. This is the 85th project to be deployed in urban area, bring the total floor area of the building in Phu My Hung, District 7 to nearly 2 million m2.

Chateau Villas is built on an area of 116.538m2, the rate of construction just over 19%, the land use coefficient is 0.53, total floor area of about 62.000m2 and is divided into three phases. Phase 1 of the project is deployed on land area of 55.454m2 but only 16.66% of land for construction, land use coefficient is 0.37.

The decisive design concept of the project is based on natural advantages available such as green plants, water and landscape.

The overall design of Chateau is styled "garden in garden", "garden hidden in garden" with first green floor is a private garden in each villa, with area from 280-540m2 for single villas (land area of 510-770 m2); from 84-177m2 for garden villas (land area of 187-294m2).

Chateau Villas has also open green space of about 25.000m2 and many amenities include a swimming pool, tennis courts, clubs... very handy for the owner of Chateau use.

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