» » » Ecopark to inaugurate sample house of Pho Truc commercial area

VNRE - Viet Hung Urban Investment & Development Jsc. officially inaugurates sample houses of Pho Truc Commercial Area.

To create a retail and feasting street with cultural characteristics and linked with nature for future house owners of Ecopark, Pho Truc has been developed with 130 linked houses, each has 3.5 floors, area from 110 m2, and 2 street views. One side of houses is for retail space, while the other is peacful garden view, isolated from street noise.

Located inside Ecopark, amidst Rung Co Luxury Apartments and Vuon Tung Gated Community, Pho Truc Commercial Area is planned to be a modern retail-feasting street with European style, and will not just to serve Ecopark citizens but also appeal tourists from Hanoi and neighboring areas.

Deputy General Director of Vihajico, Mr. Bui Tien Hung said: “In early phase of our master plan, Pho Truc Commercial Area is a distinct feature for the entire Ecopark, where happens the perfect combination between business and personal living. On one view is a busy business street while the other is a tranquil atmosphere. The inauguration of Pho Truc sample houses is a great chance for visitors to experience our ideal in reality and will be the endorsement for our quality and design commitment of all products”.

Pho Truc houses are designed by top architectural firms in Vietnam and the world. The entire of Pho Truc is expected to be completed and to go to operation in the second quarter of 2012.

Source: Vihajico. For more information, please visit http://photruc.ecopark.com.vn

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