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VNRE - Located at No.1 Thang Long Avenue - the most modern highway of Vietnam, Thang Long Number One in the center of the system of roads, elevated highways, railway associated with Administration Zone of Hanoi and 64 provinces, the center of political, financial, retail, culture - sports of the country such as the National Conference Center, Big C Supermarket, My Dinh Sports Complex, Grand Plaza Shopping Centre...

This is also the junction between the new urban area of the west and north of the city such as My Dinh, Trung Hoa, Nam An Khanh, North An Khanh Splendora, Duong Noi, Van Khe... With strategic urban development to the west of the city, Thang Long Number One in the middle of the political - economy - culture flow. Live at Thang Long Number One, resident will be closely linked with the dynamic rhythm of daily life in the city...

Project Overview

- Location: Number 1, Thang Long Avenue
- Owner: Viglacera Corporation
- Total project area: 39,062 m2
- Construction Area: 17,706 m2
- The area of zone A: 2,386.012 m2
- The area of zone B: 2,567.64 m2
- The gross floor area: 244,319.85 m2
- Area of apartments: 135,924.89 m2
- The area of commercial, leasing office: 11,246.10 m2
- The area of swimming pool: 519.00 m2
- The area of green: 1,747.00 m2
- The area of court: 2,579.00 m2
- The area of 03 basement: 46,486.35 m2.

Green Architecture

Thang Long Number One would be brought in relief by modern architecture. Each building is a gamut of different architectures together transmission to each urban residents a inspiration of green and light.


Residents of Thang Long Number One will experience a new life, be caring to each separate function rooms. With the most advanced and modern equipments, Thang Long Number One apartment will make residents feel the elegance of the interior and warm of nature.

Each apartment is equipped with a remote control system integrated four systems of lighting, air conditioning, blinds and security:

- Doors are installed Doorphone and camera system with touch screen connected to lobbyphone, guardphone with the most intelligent software. Along with the sensor system allows the owner to know the door is closed or not.
- The system of automatic window curtain.
- Bathrooms are equipped audio bathphone allows homeowners to communicate with guests and open the door from bathroom.
- Water heating energy system, air ventilation system are equipped...

Modern Office

Located in the heart of the administrative area of Hanoi, Thang Long Number One was designed sophisticatedly and modern, to provide professional working space for leading firms, corporations of Vietnam and international. The modern office towers make the rhythm of life here more even vivid, and increase the value of the premises.

Commercial center

Thang Long Number One commercial center is the place convergence of the famous brand in the world. With the brands of fashion, cosmetics, accessories... residents will feel like to live in the middle of a bustling center of fashion. Besides a supermarket located in the commercial center is a place to meet the daily needs of the housewife.


Besides the beautiful natural scenery, new, modern and in sync infrastructure, Thang Long Number One also meets the basic services for comfort life:

The project developer and partners

- Developer: Viglacera Corporation
- Building contractors: CotecCons, Lac Hong Giang and Long
- Consultant supervision: AIC Management Co., LTD.
- Design consultant: Campbell Shillinglaw and Partners
- Marketing consultant: CBRE Vietnam.

For further information, please contact:

Viglacera Real Estate Company
Add: 2nd Floor, Viglacera Tower, No.1 Thang Long Avenue,
Me Tri Ward, Tu Liem District, Ha Noi
Tel: 84.4.3553 6688 - Fax: 84.4.3553 7666
E-mail: vir@viglaceraland.vn - Website: www.viglaceraland.vn

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