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VNRE - Halong Marina is the first model township in Ha Long City with the commitment to bring people a comfortable life in natural surroundrings. Insprired of and comparable to the small Sydney harbour, Halong Marina will bring you the perfect facilities where people are protected and cared for. Halong Marina - the place to create the perfect living standards.


Halong Marina has a perfect location, good feng shui "moutains at the back, sea in front", and in between of Bai Chay and the Tuan Chau island. Halong Marina becomes the heart of Ha Long Bay, promising a life that you ever dreamed.

The project is flanked by the Hung Thang mountain at the back and Ha Long Bat in the front with a beautiful beach stretching a full 3,8km.

With just more than 2 hours drive from Hanoi, you have the chance to admire the magnificent scenery of Ha Long Bay - a natural wonder of the World and enjoy a living environment with the sea and mountains...

Project concepts

Inspired of and designed as the model of Sydney Habour, Australia, which is one of the most beautiful, modern, luxurious and most busy cities of the world. The advantages of the project are: extensive and modern infrastructure, a large private beach area, a private habour bridge and the intelligent and modern facilities. This will bring the residents the most luxurious and romantic living environment.

The master plan

- Peninsula 1: This is the open gate of the Halong Marina Township. Near the Hung Thang road there will be a large shopping area. Apartments and lowrise service building will also be built here.

- Peninsula 2: This is the center of the whole project area. A tourist boat habour, water world entertainment, square, walking only streets with commercial activities and hotel services.

- Peninsula 3: Resort, luxury hotels with spa & sauna all with 5 stars service. Also a fitness center, swimming pools and mixed use building with shopping mall, offices and services.

- Area 4: Seaside villas and relocated residences.

- Area 5: Set to become a new financial center of Quang Ninh Province. Leisure and entertainment, resort and health care centers. The area will also include Petro Fillers, and a small repairs center.

Marine Plaza - Classic Grand Plaza

Location on the Halong Marina Township, Halong Marine Plaza supplies 110.000 m2 of retail area with modern, luxurious shopping space and international brand names, and a entertainment area of 9.1 hectares with the lots of games and activities.

When the construction is finished the Halong Marine Plaza will be the first mixed use commercial and entertainment center of Quang Ninh Province. The Halong Marine Plaza will bring you unforgetable experiences.

Green Bay Towers - a modern style

Green Bay Towers is designed in a modern style, harmoniously combined with nature and exclusive facilities for residents such as: swimming pool, gym, parks, libraries and supermarkets and regional basement parking... and active, modern living environment - good for you family file. Green Bay Tower - creating a full home of your own.

Green Bay Towers ha plentiful of sun, the waters reflecting the beautiful coast and the bay. Just a few steps out on the balconies or viewed from your windows, you will admire the sunny coast and the blue sea glowing on the horizon. Enjoy the fresh air and the romantic ambience.

Each apartment has a beautiful view overlooking the Bay and the mountains, taking full advantage of the natural light. The spacious living room whith open views is an ideal place to welcome friends, talk and sharing meals. The kitchen is also a nice and comfortabe place to witness the comings and goings of everyday activities for all your family. The fresh air from the mountains and from the sea will give you a good night's sleep, and vitality for every morning.

The Developer

Halong Investment and Development (BIM Group) is a limited liability company, headquartered in Ha Long City. The Group was founded by Mr. Doan Quoc Viet, an entrepreneur who had owned and operated hotels, restaurants and trading businesses in Poland prior to his returning to Vietnam.

Today, BIM is one of the leading private investment companies in Vietnam. The company was established in 1994 as a developer behind Halong Bay's first international standard luxury hotel, the Halong Plaza.

The success of Halong Plaza Hotel has set up a stable platform for the company to expand its activities. Currently employing more then 3000 staff and a leader in a number of industries in Vietnam such as real estate development, infrastructure development and aviation.

Besides these businesses the Group is also involved in various other industries including healthcare, energy and trading. BIM is a large group of many companies with different areas: BIM Kien Giang Company Ltd, BIM Seafood JSC, Mekong Aviation JSC, Ninh Thuan Salt JSC, Syrena Company Ltd, Halong Plaza Limited Liability Joint Venture Company.

For further information, please contact:

Halong Investment and Development (BIM Group)
Add: 3rd floor Syrena Tower, 51 Xuan Dieu Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
Tel: 84.4.3719 6789 - 3718 2888 - Fax: 84.4.3719 7215.

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