» » » Work starts on Vuon Tung Clubhouse

VNRE- On February 7th 2012, in very first days of the new Lunar New Year, Vihajico has officially started the construction of Vuon Tung Clubhouse. Built on a one-hectare area, this will be the recreational center for the entire Vuon Tung community. The project will include the construction of two swimming pools (one for children and the other for adults), 2 tennis courts, 3 badminton courts, outdoor event center, restaurants, Jacuzzi, sauna, park, etc... After completion, it will serve the recreational demand of Vuon Tung community in particular, and the entire Ecopark community as a whole. The project is expected to be completed in July 2012 to welcome Vuon Tung‘s first inhabitants, after only 5 months of construction.

This event, together with other works which have continued from early days of the spring, is a demonstration for the developer’s efforts and commitment to ensure its promises on constructional rate of progress to customers. The lively working environment has given a beautiful characteristic to the spring in Ecopark.

Source: Vihajico

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