» » Sharing Vietnam: The Israelis brings Timeshare to Vietnam

VNRE - He is a smart Israelis, an expert with 25 years experience in Timeshare, a resilient leader. Besides he is a very funny person, a cool boss, a "Mr. Pinky "of Manna. But that's not all comment about Oded Blumenfeld, vice president of Manna Luxury Holidays, the first company develops professionally in Timeshare in Vietnam.

Vacation ownership (timeshare) - understand is a form of ownership or right to use of a property in the luxury resort project within a specified time each year, in a certain number of years or permanently, starting to Vietnam 1-2 years ago. But until now timeshare is still new with Vietnamese, even among the "rich" people. Timeshare brings about great holiday for millions of families around the world, it's time that opportunity comes to Vietnamese families.

"Sharing Vietnam" this week will talk to Oded Blumenfeld who is working hard to brings Timeshare become more closely with Vietnamese...

Source: Sharing Vietnam Talkshow | VTC Digital Television

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