» » Keangnam Vina opened the Vietnam's highest observatory

VNRE - Today 05/18, Keangnam Vina Limited Company opened Hanoi Landmark 72-storey building and  Observatory 72 Landmark Sky on 72nd floor of Hanoi Landmark Tower. This is the highest observatory in Vietnam.

Located in the heart of Cau Giay District, from a height of 346m, this observatory will be the ideal place for people to be able to observe the development of the capital from the present to the future. In addition, the observatory is also expected to become an attractive destination for tourists at home and abroad.

General Director of Keangnam Vina Mr Ha Jong Suk said Observatory 72 Sky Landmark is like the Observatory of Seoul building, Tokyo building and Emprise State building in New York. From here customer can look at 360 degree. In additon Observatory 72 Sky Landmark also equipped with multi-cultural space including: showroom,  5D movie theater, 3D painting, art galleries, bars, souvenir stalls...

Hanoi Landmark Tower is a combination of hotel, commercial center, office, apartment with a total floor area of 609.673 m2. The project consists of two 50-storey apartment buildings, connected to two apartment buildings is 72-storey commercial, office & serviced apartment tower.

This combination is following the new trend in the world: One-Stop Culture in the sense that all is resolved in a place from work, live, enjoy and relax in the same place.

Photo courtesy of Mr Ken.

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Unknown said... June 21, 2012 at 8:11 PM

This is a very good addition to Tokyo. This is going to be one of a tourist destination as well.

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