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VNRE - Established in Australia in 1978, Lobana Company Limited has a rich history of more than 30 years in a diverse number of industries. These include agriculture, aquaculture, minerals, consumer goods and property development across Asia, Russia and Australia.

Lobana’s core focus in Asia was originally trading seafood, using processing plants in Taiwan and Thailand and branch offices in Vietnam, South and North Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and China. The operations expanded in Vietnam to include flour, milk, soft coal, timber products and foodstuffs.

Chairman Mr Young Dung Song is well accustomed to Vietnam, having established an infrastructure company in the 1960s with a team of more than 1000 staff, who constructed airports and roads.

In the mid 80s, the Lobana commenced trading at Los Angeles in the US, trading seafood, food products and mineral products.  In 1984, Lobana Australia focused upon property investments and development in Sydney and Brisbane. In 1987, the company commenced  its business in Vladivostok, USSR, trading  seafood, agriculture and mineral products.

Lobana has designed and developed numerous real estate projects including; commercial offices, master-planned residential estates, high-end luxury apartments and retail outlets. Lobana is now actively investing in property development in Vietnam as the company recognises the burgeoning opportunities there.

In February 2008, Lobana secured a 1.4 hectare site, in Ba Dinh District, Hanoi and put forth a proposal to develop a complex, featuring retail outlets, residential apartments and a hotel. The project will be a signature landmark in the district and will be a testament to Lobana’s design expertise and development experience.

Lobana has also formed a joint venture company, ORACLE Developments JSC with a local partner to secure and develop key projects across Vietnam. The managing directors are ex-patriots and Viet Kieu. They have more than 30 years experience in the industry; including master-planning communities and commercial offices, retail outlets and high-rise apartments. Lobana’s Australian team boasts some of Australia’s leading design architects. Their project management expertise will deliver a high-quality product, building on world-class design that will become signatory to Vietnam’s development landscape.


Investment services

Lobana has extensive experience in property development and natural resource industries, including coal mining and stone mining.
The company offers a strong team of technicians and designers as well as high-end machinery to develop property and mining projects. The team includes Australia’s leading design architects and project management experts who specialise in managing commercial offices, residential apartments, retail outlets and master-planned communities.

Lobana’s skilled workers, experienced and professional engineers also excel in building and interior design. The company’s hardworking staff strive to achieve a balance of quality in design and value for money.

Lobana has been successful with several projects in Australia:  blocks of apartments at Brisbane’s sought-after Story Bridge, 40-storey blocks of apartments in Pitt and Bathurst Streets and blocks of town houses in Lane Cove, Sydney. Lobana has also spearheaded interior construction contracts in Chechen, Russia.

In Vietnam, Lobana is working on a number of prestigious property and natural resource projects. These are:
- Grand Pacific building in Hai Phong
- Tuan Chau Golf course
- 281 Doi Can Building
- Ha Tinh 3 star Hotel
- Ha Tinh Commercial Centre
- Ha Tinh Stone Mining

International trading services

A strategic partnership between the Australian and Asian offices has enabled Lobana International to develop extensive international ties and adopt an innovative approach to trading bulk agricultural products.
Our expert multinational trading teams have many years of experience sourcing products around the world at the lowest prices.

Lobana International is your trusted trading partner in natural resources such as coal, aluminum, iron, copper, fertilisers, urea, DAP and foodstuffs including wheat, wheat powder, milk powder, rice and prawns, lobsters, salmon, Alaska pollack, squid, frozen and fresh seafood, marine equipment and fishing nets.

Lobana Australia has dealt with several countries in international trading. It has exported Vietnamese rice to Africa and 30 Australian fishing boats to Russia, and has mined coal in North Korea.

Lobana has now gained the contract of supplying 30,000 MT of urea and aluminum for the Nepalese Government from China and the Ukraine. Lobana welcomes any trading partners that might supply urea and aluminum for Lobana.

Contact Details:

Lobana Company Limited
Head office: Level 4 (NPC) 10 Clarke St Crows Nest, Sydney NSW 2065 Australia
Tel: 61.2.9906 8611 - Fax: 61.2.9906 7318
PO Box 1060 Crows Nest NSW 1585 Australia.

Hanoi branch: Suite 203 – 281 Doi Can St, Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 84.4.3232 1448 - Fax: 84.4.3232 1452.

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