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VNRE - The location of the museum is determined in the new urban Tay Ho Tay, Tu Liem district, Hanoi. Land area of the museum is 10 hectares, including a construction area of 30,000 m2, the outdoor exhibition area of 30,000 m2, the area for community cultural activities around 10.000m2, green trees, garden, internal roads around 30,000 m2.

The project has four main components: main building; memorial celebrity; outdoor display area; auxiliary technical component, landscape. In particular, the main building will be built on a land area of over 20,000 m2, floor area of nearly 90,000 m2, a maximum height of 32.5m. This building has a basement and six floors, including storehouses of organic and inorganic objects on display through the period of time; space for display and reproduction of historical, thematic collections...; preservation and restoration center; creativity zone; hall, meeting rooms, workshops, film screenings for research, study and exchange knowledge community...

Memorial celebrity has a construction area of 1,520 m2.

Outdoor exhibition area will display large objects; reconstructed historical space; cultural space, unique architecture; cultural space for activities and performances.

The Government assigned the Ministry of Construction as the investor of this project. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will manage and operate the museum.

Proposed time for implementation is from 11-2012 to 5-2016.  The total investment of 11,277 billion Vietnamese Dong equivalent to 500 million US dollars.

Image source: Nikken Sekkei.

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