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VNRE - ABIBOO Architecture, international studio of architecture and design, commits to the growth of its infrastructure to continue the development of projects in Asia. So far ABIBOO Architecture had an office in southern India, in the city of Chennai, where projects were managed for India and other nearby countries. Due to the increasing demand, ABIBOO will centralize its activity for India in the office of Chennai and will establish a local team in Vietnam, to take over the projects in this country and throughout Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is now one of the countries with more potential in Southeast Asia. Along with the economic and demographic growth that has been occurring in the country, an increase of international tourism has taken place, turning it into a very attractive country at all levels. Its capital, Hanoi, and especially the most important city of the South, Ho Chi Minh are on track to become business megalopolis in Southeast Asia and in macro-cities due to the growing population. The demographic growth in urban environments hasn’t been accompanied, however, by an appropriate urban development. Given this reality, the institutions are trying to undertake ambitious urban and mobility plans in these towns, bringing also to the plate the possibility of a vertical development to absorb the growth. It exists in Ho Chi Minh City and also throughout Vietnam, a demand for new innovative and exclusive architectural projects, both to absorb the large number of people who are migrating to urban areas and to accommodate the large companies that are trying to establish in the country as well as to absorb the large number of tourists that every year visit its stunning scenery.

ABIBOO Architecture is led by Alfredo Munoz, founder and architect licensed in Spain and Ph.D. in Architectural Design in USA. Alfredo Munoz established the first headquarters of ABIBOO Architecture in New York, subsequently expanding its offices to Madrid and establishing headquarters in Chennai. Prior to his entrepreneurial adventure, Alfredo Munoz worked in the U.S., Middle East, India, Japan and Europe for internationally renowned architects specializing in Asia where he worked managing the branches of these teams in various countries throughout the continent. Today, his arrival in Vietnam, will help to continue to develop projects of great typological variety, ranging from urban design, to architectural and interior design, always through the implementation of its social commitment of combining art, sustainability and environmental respect, sophistication and innovation in the design of a contemporary space product of a deep analysis of the geographical, environmental and social context in which they work.

ABIBOO Architecture arrives with this architectural philosophy to Vietnam, a country that once after the political conflicts of the last century, awakens in this 21st century and looks west to find an answer to their urban and infrastructure problems. From their Asian experience, and with a Western philosophy that combines American pragmatism and rigor with creativity and attention to detail of European Architecture, ABIBOO advocates for designs that respond to the needs of a country with a great tradition and an interesting philosophy but in need of development, design, innovation and positioning in this globalized world. Through innovation, creativity, rigor and thorough quality control and with a personalized dedication to each of its clients, with whom they share much more than just an architectural project, ABIBOO Architecture guarantees the best architectural response to the needs of the Vietnamese client.

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