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VNRE - HTT Group is a corporation comprising the firms HTT Architect & Associates (founded in 2002 in Hanoi, Vietnam), HTT Architecture & Investment (2007, HCMC) and HTT Creative (2005, Hanoi).

HTT Group was founded by prominent French-Vietnamese architect Mr. Ho Thieu Tri, renowned for his renovation of The Hanoi Opera House, among many signature projects throughout Vietnam and worldwide.

With a group of over 100 experienced architects and designers, HTT Group is proud to continue delivering major large-scale projects, developing Ho Thieu Tri’s vision and contributing to the development of Vietnam into the 21st Century.

The foundation of HTT Group’s success in Vietnam has been our ability to consistently combine our experience in international design with our profound understanding of Vietnamese culture and environment.

This unique status among the leading architectural practices based in Vietnam has earned Ho Thieu Tri and HTT Group numerous awards and titles, including the Vietnam Glory Award in 2004 for Ho Thieu Tri’s contribution to the architectural development of Vietnam, and regular BCI Vietnam Top Ten Awards Nominations.


Mr. Ho Thieu Tri, Founder and Principal Architect of HTT Group, is a member of the French Society of Architects. He graduated as an architect at the University of Saigon in 1973 and also studied for an urban planning certificate at San Diego University (USA) in 1984. During his stay in France, Mr. Ho worked for DEVINOY Architecture. He became a full partner at CR Architecture, architects of Stade de France Stadium. After establishing his own pratice in Paris in 1995, Mr. Ho started working on projects in Vietnam. His first project in Vietnam was the Renovation of Hanoi Opera house. After which, Mr. Ho established his production design studio in Hanoi named Ho Thieu Tri Architecte Esas in 1998 which is now fully licienced as Ho Thieu Tri Architect and Associates Company.


- 2004: Vietnam Glory Award
- 2004 - 2005: Special Advisor to Vinh Phuc People Committee in Urbanism and Architecture
- 2005 - 2006: Special Advisor to Kien Giang province Officals in Urbanism and Architecture.


- 1995: Upon returning to Vietnam to work on the renovation of the Hanoi Opera House, Ho Thieu Tri creates the architectural firm Ho Thieu Tri Architecte Esas in Hanoi, Vietnam.

- 2002: After 7 years of development, Ho Thieu Tri Architecte Esas is renamed Ho Thieu Tri (HTT) Architect & Associates as a restructured design firm specializing in architecture, urban planning and interior design. The firm also expands with the opening of the Ho Chi Minh City branch.

- 2005: The interior design department of HTT Architect & Associates becomes a wholly independent design firm: HTT Creative based in Hanoi, Vietnam, specializing in interior decoration, furniture manufacturing and graphic design.

- 2007: Ho Thieu & Trung Architecture & Investment is founded in Ho Chi Minh City, specialising in architectural design, urban planning and project development consultancy and investment.

The 3 companies, HTT Architect & Associates in Hanoi, HTT Architecture & Investment in Ho Chi Minh City and HTT Creative in Hanoi, are reunited under a same corporate group: HTT Group.


HTT Architect & Associates
Add: 9th floor, Dai Phat Office Building
Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
Tel: 84.4.3719 1216 - Fax: 84.4.3719 1215
Email: hanoi@htt-group.com - Website: http://htt-group.com/

HTT Creative
Add: 10th floor, Dai Phat Office Building
Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
Tel: 84.4.2212 5487 - Fax: 84.4.3719 1215
Email: creative@htt-group.com

HTT Architecture & Investment
Add: 6th floor, Thao Dien Office Building
25 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84.8.3841 1788 -  3841 1799 - Fax: 84.8.3841 1911
Email: hcmc@htt-group.com

CR Architecture
Add: 59 rue du Fauburg Saint Antoine, 75010 Paris, France
Tel: 33.1.4372 0440
Email: cr@cr-architecture.fr

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