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VNRE - SWA Vietnam is a progressive medium-sized firm providing architecture, interior design and other design-related services. It’s head office, Stephen Woolley Associates, Architects in the US was founded over 20 years ago and prides itself on its accountability and commitment to each and every project.

SWA’s branch in Vietnam was established in 2000 in Ho Chi Minh City and has since evolved into one of the best-known architectural practices with high-profile commercial projects across the country.

Implicit in our work at SWA Vietnam is the search for quality, which concerns the character and atmosphere of spaces. This has to be achieved amidst the practical constraints of the developing world. There are inevitable tensions between what is desirable and what is possible; between what one would like to achieve and what one can afford.

Our design process aims to close these gaps using such constraints as a springboard for ideas from which quality solutions develop, solutions that give rise to coherent, functional and safe buildings appropriate to the everyday activities, which they will contain and represent.


Founded in 1984, the office of Stephen Woolley and Associates, Architects (SWA) has a strong commitment to the team approach. We have found that the best way to achieve successful projects is through the cooperation and involvement of clients, users, design professionals, consultants, and building contractors. SWA actively pursues the establishment of common goals at all project stages, and focuses team efforts toward achieving them.

Our goal is to provide the best possible project every time. We feel our success can best be measured by how well the design solution meets the constraints of specific user program requirements, budgetary considerations, schedule limitations, and quality of life concerns. SWA regards design as the successful integration of all these requirements, along with a strong sense of aesthetics and the highest possible design standards. It is our experience at leading such efforts that has taught us to evaluate design alternatives in the context of their costs, and has made us committed to providing both quality and value.

A successful project requires careful programming, and the establishment and maintenance of budgets and schedules. At SWA we manage all these activities, not just within the scope of our work, but also covering the gaps between our responsibilities and those of others involved on the project. We endeavor to work as part of a team to manage the process, and regard all potential problems as our concern. Some of our greatest strengths lie in our ability to assemble and manage professional project teams, to work effectively with both the customers and the project management organization, and to serve as a conduit for our clients' intent.

SWA Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a full licensed operation company in Vietnam and is invested by SWA in 2000. SWA Vietnam is the established local arm of SWA office and is staffed with professionals who have worked locally, and on American projects and be supplemented and overseen by American architects and engineers of the highest standing. Our current procedure is to communicate daily between the two offices, dividing work based on schedule and what personnel are most appropriate to the task. All of SWA Vietnam staff are very familiar with local construction regulations and material market.

The executive expatriate architects and engineers will work with the Vietnam office to define design alternatives and to conduct the schematic designs and to review detailed designs. The detailed designs will be developed in SWA Vietnam office. SWA Vietnam prides itself on thorough attention to detail and follow-through, with the goal of ensuring that there are no loose ends by project completion.

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SWA Vietnam Architects
Add: Floor 8 - Miss Ao Dai Office Building, 21 Nguyen Trung Ngan Street, District 1, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.3910 1209 - Fax: 84.8.3910 1208
E: contact@swavietnam.com - www.swavietnam.com

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