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VNRE - Long Xuyen, the capital of An Giang Province, lies on a key route linking Vietnam’s Mekong Delta to Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. Long Xuyen’s strategic location positions it for significant growth. EE&K created a vision to spur development on a 190-hectare agricultural site adjacent to the Long Xuyen’s existing downtown. EE&K’s plan balances the longterm vision for a vibrant transit-oriented commercial community with the need to generate cash flow through early phase lower-density development.

Inspired by the Vietnamese icon of the Dragon, EE&K introduced a spine that provides public transit and links new development with the existing downtown, government center, and another development site across the river. At the head of the spine is a new Central Business District; at its tail, an expanded stadium, hotel and retail center. The spine is flanked by four residential neighborhoods, each focused around public open spaces, schools, and recreational facilities. The plan connects to the existing and planned street network, integrating with the city as it expands.

A continuous waterfront promenade and series of parks maximizes the site’s visibility and extensive waterfront. The Plan presents a vision that will give both city and developer the framework they need to realize Long Xuyen’s development potential.ng Xuyen’s development potential.

Long Xuyen Center

EE&K provided conceptual design services for a waterfront site in the heart of Long Xuyen, the capital of the An Giang Province located in southwestern Vietnam. As part of the entire mixed-use development, the new exhibition and convention center will provide the city with its first multi-building, high-rise complex. By providing amenities such as retail, a high-end hotel, service apartments and condominiums, the city will tap into the vast amounts of wealth located in the region.

Source: EE&K

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